Birthplace of human ancestors may not be Africa

placeScientists have found fossils of human ancestor’s size of a mouse, the structure of the body which indicates that they are of Asian descent and subsequent migration to Africa at least 39 million years ago, according to an article Wednesday in the research.
This discovery casts doubt on the dominant at the present time of submission of scientists about the origin of man and his ancestors, according to which the first anthropoids – the great apes, given subsequently beginning of the line of hominids – appeared on the territory of modern Egypt’s 37 million years ago.
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The ancient city at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea.

ancientA group of scientists – archaeologists, not did not advertise their names and titles, has published several photos from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, which quite clearly visible structure in the form of a triangle, most likely representing configured the ruins of the city.

Wonderful pattern formed on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, can say that there are traces of human civilization, and to put it more precisely – the ruins of the city.
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It is unlikely that you will meet this person at the table of the president. But among them many creative and artistic people. They have little ambition, they practically do not aspire to power and leadership of other people, even the wealth does not attract their attention. Some of them are money, but more often when they get married on the “money” or inherit them. Note that they are not against the money as such, they will gladly take them, just fish better than others aware of the temporary nature of money. They do not want to be millionaires, they want to live like millionaires – this is their philosophy. Heart of a typical fish does not … Continue reading “PISCES”