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Physics in the LHC revealed two unknown massive particles

Hadron ColliderPhysicists working with the experimental results of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, reported the discovery of two previously unknown massive particles. The team of scientists analyzed the data obtained during the experiment BaBar, which was conducted in 2006 by a team of physicists at Stanford. Then the researchers noticed two energy burst, but could not find an explanation.

Now, a group led by Tim Gershon from the University of Warwick in the UK has announced that the energy bursts were caused by the presence of two massive particles, mesons. The mass of each of these particles, which so far have received the code name DS3  (2860) and DS1  (2860), nearly three times the mass of the proton and corresponds to 2.86. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why is removed from the physics concept of the ether

SunModern science electromagnetic wave is, and the environment is not for distribution. I thought it was odd and so I started to think about why it happened. And then I started to get up, what’s the matter. And the thing is that the presence of the environment poses a very interesting question squarely, and it concerns energy. If you take the analogy of water, you will notice one feature that gravity acts on the water and the water has potential energy when the water is evenly distributed, then of course use This energy can, but if the drain zone to the lower-potential energy, the gravitational energy can be used. Read the rest of this entry »

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Physics brought the law of the universe

law,universeScientists have found a new pattern of interaction of elementary particles of matter and antimatter, which would; perhaps, there is the universe and all its components, including the Earth and its people, according to a paper journal Physical Review D. This is the so-called symmetry of matter and antimatter, which, according to idealized mathematical representations of the structure of the universe, must lead to the formation of a uniform probability of particles of matter and antimatter as a result of interactions of elementary particles.

If this principle were true, then at the time of the Big Bang, which initiated the formation of the first stars and galaxies in the universe, all matter and antimatter were formed in equal amounts, would come together to interact, which would lead to their mutual destruction (anniginlyatsii ).
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Collider has made the discovery on the verge of physics and philosophy

physics and philosophyIn New York, an international team of scientists has documented the existence of “strange antimatter. While the nuclei of atoms are composed of protons and neutrons, “a strange anti-matter” is built from antiprotons and antineutron. Physicists think about what happened in the first millisecond after the Big Bang, write NEWS

Tiny particles called “core strange antimatter”, 500 scientists from dozens of countries were looking for 10 years. This finding from another world – this, that even in science fiction films do not see, though recorded discovery of 3D cameras. The researchers discerned a grain Antivselennoy.
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