Photo of the Day-Ring of Einstein

EinsteinBlue mascot was discovered in 2007 when a great study of the entire sky SLOAN, but the Hubble images provide unique facts and the details of this rare natural phenomenon.

Gravitational lens-one of the most strange phenomena of the Great Universe that astronomers have learned to use to the common good, studying far-distant galaxies by determining the mass of dark matter in clusters, and much more.

The story then this. Scientists have long interested in the wonderful “red galaxies” – is a type of galaxies, which, apparently without showing too much brightness, nevertheless have a huge mass – mass of several tens of the Milky Way.
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World most famous photo retouching history

Carlos Franqui The most famous photo retouching history Photo manipulations are very common in our times, which does not mean it is something new, as there are from virtually photography was invented back in 1840. These tweaks have gone mostly unnoticed, but some are made aware to change the image that a whole society thinks about something, which are the most famous photographs changed the whole story-

10. Carlos Franqui and Fidel Castro. Carlos Franqui was the director of “Revolution”, the official newspaper of the Cuban revolution. However, he maintained an independent judgment against the government,
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