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Animals anticipate catastrophic natural phenomena?

phenomenaIs it true that animals have a sixth sense that helps them anticipate such catastrophic natural phenomena?

The answer to this question is not simple. There are a huge number of facts about how the animals begin to behave strangely for a few hours or minutes before the earthquake. In the scientific community there is no consensus as to what kind of factors underlie this behavior.

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The most terrible natural phenomena of the planet

natural phenomena September 18, 1938, on the Yamal Peninsula has happened so far not received a scientific explanation of the phenomenon – the peninsula sank deeper darkness. Today we remember the five most feared natural phenomena recorded in the world. The whole month residents of the Indian state of Kerala could experience firsthand the real plagues of Egypt, on which, as we know, all the water in an instant turned to blood. A few weeks Indian land filled bloody rains, resulting in a true horror of all who observed the phenomenon of local residents. Almost at the same time there have been several versions explaining bloody a natural disaster, to the point that some people were looking for it origins in alien activity and visit the land of unidentified flying objects. Read the rest of this entry »

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14th strangest nature phenomena

 phenomena14 most of the strangest nature phenomena as under
1. Bioluminescent “red wave”
Under certain conditions, phytoplankton begins to multiply in the ocean with a crazy speed, forming beneath the surface layer of dense algal blooms – so-called “red tide.” Day it does not look particularly attractive, but at night on some beaches where usual bioluminescent species Noctiluca scintillans, «red wave” seems to be something just did otherworldly.
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The most mysterious phenomena of nature.

ball lightningThe first mention of a fireball comes to us from the VI century Bishop Gregory of Tours wrote at the time of the appearance of the fireball at the time of the consecration of the chapel. Since then, accumulated thousands of eyewitness accounts, but the phenomenon of ball lightning still remains unexplained.

Thanks to the witnesses of unusual phenomena can be averaged to make a “portrait” of ball lightning. Most often it is a sphere, but also talk about the pear-shaped, oval and lightning.
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Will no longer be a house of horror

The famous Amityville house for supernatural phenomena that led to murder the occupants, in 1974, and was taken to the movies with global diffusion (“The Amityville Horror”)
This house was recently sold to a couple: David D’Antonio and his wife. Both retirees, but active in community issues. It also says that the home is a harmless tourist attraction. And the demons that inhabited it were.
Although not counted more details on the sale of the house knows that this house is worth 1.15 million dollars. It has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths Read the rest of this entry »

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The Gate Project Phenomenon

phenomenaStudy and analyze some electromagnetic phenomena that trap in the ocean, at certain key points of the globe. According to the witness’ evidence of the scientific group, when they were shipped to about 15 miles from the San Francisco Bay in California, they measured a magnetic activity as about 15 meters from their boat. Then a thin layer of fog and low formed at least one meter of water surface, and she made ready as a rectangular platform. Then gradually it spread and assumed an ovoid shape. Then the strange structure began to rotate clockwise, until it takes the appearance of a spiral from the center of energy.
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Conference-X – A workshop on paranormal phenomena in the U.S. capital

Washington started the Sixth Annual Conference-X – an event at which prominent urologists from around the globe are trying to convince world public opinion that, if the presence among us of extraterrestrial civilizations is beyond dispute.

The main organizer of the conference came from the American-led Paradigm Research Group, which is symbolic decided to hold the current meeting only three blocks from the White House, the National Press Club. Activists of the Paradigm Research Group are confident that all governments hide from their citizens the truth about their available the information about attending the Earth the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mysterious paranormal phenomena (Part 1)

I very much want to tell you about several paranormal phenomena, which for many years can not solve the scientists and skeptics, are puzzled and concerned people simply can not come to equivalent answer. WHAT IS IT?
Taossky rumble a low-frequency noise unknown nature. Its name is a paranormal phenomenon is due to the city where it was first heard – Taos, New Mexico. Indeed, such phenomena are not confined to this small town: the emergence of noise of unknown origin were observed in different countries around the world. Often, these sounds attributed to industrial origin. Still, the situation is significantly different in Taos is different from other similar: noise heard only 3% of people living here. Moreover, people who hear the hum Taossky, argue that it increases indoor and guided by the laws of physics, dealing with the usual noises of industrial origin, everything was to the contrary.
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Mysterious paranormal phenomena (Part 2)

Near-death experience – a personal experience of people at the time of clinical death. This phenomenon may be the answer to many questions about the possibility of life after death. Many survivors of clinical death, claim that such a life there .
Dying experience include psychological, physiological and transcendental aspects. Despite the fact that different people have different describe what is happening to them after the state of clinical death, much is common to all:
1. clear understanding that you were dead;
2. tactile sensations – a very unpleasant sound (noise); Read the rest of this entry »

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