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Egyptian discovered the tomb of an unknown pharaoh

Ancient pharaohAmerican and Egyptian archaeologists believe they have found the sarcophagus still unknown pharaoh who ruled 3,600 years ago, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced.

Senebkaya tomb was found in Abydos, one of the oldest cities and religious centers of ancient Egyptian state about 500 kilometers south of Cairo, a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, reports Reuters.First, scientists have read the name of Pharaoh, the king’s plate engraved oval. Photographs taken by archaeologists, is seen badly damaged sarcophagus in the burial room without a roof. Read the rest of this entry »

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The pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh mummy found alien

mummy alienIn the backroom of the pyramid of Pharaoh mummy found alien. There is conjecture that she is not alone. The small body of an alien with big eyes was found in a secret room near the room where the body was placed Egyptian pharaoh pyramid tomb!

Perfectly potted by careful mummification foreign body was found in one of the Egyptian pyramids in the vicinity of the tomb of Senusret II. Information about finding a mummy appeared in public a few days ago, and there is subjective evidence that we have found and other bodies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Found the mummy of the most enigmatic heretic Pharaoh

mummyMost recently, the media published the results of genetic studies mummy of Tutankhamen, which made it possible to shed light on the causes of death of the famous Egyptian pharaoh. Nevertheless, this discovery for a time obscured the other, no less sensational: with the same examination could detect the mummy of the legendary Akhenaton.

Akhenaton (aka Amniotes IV) ruled Egypt around 1351 – 1334 years BC, and his rule was far from ordinary. Most of all he was famous for his religious reform: the first in the history of mankind, he renounced polytheism and introduced as the state cult of one god – Aden, which was the personification of the solar disk. Read the rest of this entry »

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Archaeologists have unearthed a huge head of Pharaoh

The international team of archaeologists, leading the excavations at the temple complex in Luxor, Egypt, announced the discovery of colossal head statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

Head of granite has a height of 2,5 meters. The statue, from which it came off, the same archaeological expedition discovered a few years earlier. Pharaoh sculptured standing in the crown of Upper Egypt, with folded hands, in which he holds the supreme power of signs.

From the head broke a big piece – a ceremonial beard of Pharaoh. Scientists hope to dig out soon.

Temple at Luxor, where the statues were built by Amenhotep as his own burial complex.

Amenhotep III ruled Egypt in the 1390-1352 years BC. Recent studies have confirmed that King Tut is his grandson.

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Egyptian Pharaoh of the XVIII dynasty

November 26 1922 archeologist Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon who financed excavations, found in the Valley of the Kings tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen. This Pharaoh was not an outstanding ruler, he reigned briefly and almost died young, but his tomb is still the only one that archaeologists have discovered almost no looting. When the wall of the tomb had been punched otvertstie, Carter stuck there a candle and peered into the darkness. – Do you see something there? – Asked Lord Carnarvon. – Yes! I see amazing things! – Excitedly exclaimed Carter. Tutankhamen’s tomb consisted of four rooms, the main one – the burial chamber. Read the rest of this entry »

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