We all come from the planet Phaeton

planet earthWe came from the fifth to the 3rd world. They flew 122 days. Speed – 32 kilometers per second. ¬†Arrived at our new planet Earth – 30 thousand years ago, after the Great Flood. New mankind was created by aliens from the fifth planet. From the planet Phaeton, as the ancient Greeks called it. Now place the planet in the solar system is the asteroid belt. Volgogradets revealed the secret of 3rd world Aliskhan Khautiev argues that using the language of proportions can be read every archaeological site in the world. – Look, – shows me Aliskhan Khautiev clay tablet with raised dots laid out in a spiral pattern. – This is – a copy. In 1976, the Academy Sorokko found at Paleolithic blog at the mouth of the Angara plate with exactly the same pattern made by mammoth tusk. It is established that the plate about 30 thousand years. She is now kept in the archives of the Academy of Sciences. And in 1984, I found in the mountains of Ingushetia priestly burial paraphernalia. In addition to his staff and other things there was a priest and a plate of platinum with exactly the same pattern.¬† Continue reading “We all come from the planet Phaeton”