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Why we love pets?

pets lovePets give birth to only the people themselves – perhaps because the pets require resources for maintenance. But how did this man have a hobby? When the four chimpanzees once caught a young blue duiker African antelope), from the first, it seemed that they decided to keep the animal as a pet.

They tinkered with the antelope for a while, but in the end it ended sadly for her: a chimpanzee playing too rough with her, and she died. Monkeys, however, continued for another half hour fun with a dead carcass. Science is not known exactly when the person first appeared pets. We know, however, that thousands of years ago our ancestors most likely have kept the wolves. Perhaps originally they caught them more cubs, domesticated, and found that they are useful in hunting. Read the rest of this entry »

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Funny and serious cat research

Domestic animal cats accompany the person for several millennia, and it is estimated that today they are found wherever there is a hint of civilization. Of course, these same scientists – the same people, and many of them are in search of the object to the application of their scientific talents turned to a beloved pet.

World Day cats presents a selection of the most interesting, amusing and bizarre research about cats and cats, domestic and small, as well as the people around them.
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