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Europeans in the Amazon live 8 million people

 Amazon people

Amazon was not at all covered by virgin forest, which is almost untouched by human hands – on the contrary, before the arrival of Europeans in the New World, a large part of the territory occupied by the fields and villages, they lived up to 8 million people. This conclusion was American scientists, authors of the article in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Ecology and Genetics Charles Clement from the National Institute for Research on the Amazon (Brazil) and his colleagues collected data on plants, soils and landscapes of the region, comparing them with the data archaeologists and linguists, create a map of the local languages. It turned out that before the arrival of Europeans, the Indians learned to cultivate at least 83 species of plants, including sweet potatoes, cocoa, tobacco and pineapple. Read the rest of this entry »

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Solar affect the life expectancy of people

Solar affectBorn during the quiet Sun lives an average of five years longer than people who were born in the period of solar activity. The influence of the stars clearly, but mechanisms of action are not yet quantified.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, illustrates the dependence of the average human life expectancy of solar activity. So, people born in the period of maximum activity, live an average of 5.2 years less. Simply put, if you are lucky enough to be born into a period of quiet Sun, you have a chance to live a few years longer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Some habits of people who are incredibly popular with the surrounding

Like YouHave you ever thought about why some people love all around, with no effort? While others, despite the efforts and fails to win the favor of others.

Napoleon Hill, author of the popular bestseller Think and Grow Rich, described the 14 habits of the people who surround adore:

They create a positive mental attitude and charge them to others

It is always easier to be a cynic and a pessimist. But this attitude is not easy to succeed and win a good reputation. But a positive attitude, on the contrary, significantly contributes to the achievement of these goals. Read the rest of this entry »

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Barge Haulers on the Volga who are these people

the Volga1. Shoreline

Trampled coastal strip, on which there were boatmen. Emperor Paul rebuked here to build fences and buildings, but it was limited and. No bushes, no stones, no marshy places with the way the boatmen not eliminated, so that the written Repin place is a perfect stretch of road.

2. Cone  Brigadier boatmen

They became slick, strong and experienced man who knew a lot of songs. At the farm, which captures Repin, the lump was defrocked pop Kanin. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to survive in the desert?

For tips on how to survive in the wilderness, it should be sent to Peter Kammerfeld. For over 40 years this man has trained lessons of survival in extreme conditions USAF pilots.

 Mr. Kammerfeld believes that the main situation for survival in the desert are shade and moisture. Mistake many lost the way in the wilderness, there is that all their labors they spend searching for food and the way to civilization, while the power you need to spend watchfully to search for water and shade.  Read the rest of this entry »

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The most mysterious people in history

historyCrimean Goths are considered one of the most mysterious people in history. Having lived almost a millennium in theCrimea, they disappeared in the XVII century – after the conquest of the peninsula by the Ottoman Turks. Historians Crimean Goths left only mysteries and legends.

Gothic tribes

Some scientists believe that the great migrations provoked exactly the Goths, Vandals and supplanted Rugova from their lands. Goths spoke on the German language – the Gothic, and in the IV century the legendary Bishop Ulfilas created a Gothic alphabet for them, and soon translated the Bible, as it was the Goths were the first Germanic tribes to Christianity. Read the rest of this entry »

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Coffee makes people happier

CoffeeCoffee improves mood and helps to maintain a positive attitude. This was proved by an experiment with 66 elderly people, conducted by German scientists from the Ruhr University.

During the experiment the volunteers were divided into two groups. People in the first group every day for half an hour before the test was given a portion of caffeine equal to two cups of coffee, and their colleagues in the second group received placebo, as they did not know, thinking that drinking coffee. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top famous people missing

famous peoplePeople are born, work and … disappear. Unsolved disappearances of famous people – one of the most mysterious pages of world history. Inventor’s children tycoons, politicians and pilots – disappeared, giving rise to his disappearance trail versions and guesswork.


Michael was not a golden boy of his father – the richest citizen of America Nelson Rokfellera. On unlearn the university, served in the army – all as humans. And then, while his father was busy with politics ,went on an expedition to New Guinea. Read the rest of this entry »

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Famous people sayings before death

famous people1. Oscar Wilde died in a room with bezvusnymi wallpaper. Approaching death did not change his attitude towards life. After the words “Dead coloring! One of us will have to leave here, “he went.

2. Queen Marie Antoinette, climbing scaffold, stumbled and came to the feet of the executioner: Excuse me, sir, I did it by accident.

3. Empress Elizabeth Petrovna extremely surprised doctors when half a minute before death rose on the pillows and sternly asked, “Am I still alive?”. But before doctors scared how to fix itself.
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People Shadow from a parallel world

world anotherThey appear in the photographs and videos, and in everyday life are often invisible. People tend to take them for the ghosts of the dead. But parapsychologists have another version: it is the essence of a different dimension that live next to us.

Entities with photos
Many mysterious cases occurred in an era when there was no digital photography. So, in 1964 the Briton Jim Tamplton family walking near the Gulf of Solway Firth in a deserted place. Father decided to take pictures of his five year old daughter. Read the rest of this entry »

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