A boy talks about his past life

 past lifeLuke Ruelmanu five years old boy. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio in USA and says that he remembers his previous life, where he was a 30-year-old black Pam of Chicago.

A Boy so persistently talked about his previous life, his mother, connecting all parts of the biography of the enigmatic Pam, decided to conduct an investigation, looked through old newspapers and found that this woman really existed. Continue reading “A boy talks about his past life”

Three year old boy remembered his past life

past lifeThree year old boy from the Golan in the border area between Israel and Syria said that he was killed with an ax in his previous life. He showed where the killer hid the body and there really found a human skeleton.

He also showed where the murder weapon is hidden. At this point, excavated and found an ax. boy belonged to an ethnic group of friends in this culture the existence of reincarnation is accepted as fact. But in today’s society is perceived as a myth. Continue reading “Three year old boy remembered his past life”

The kid talked about his past life

LifeA huge grain of salt belong to any kind of mysterious and unexplained phenomena, but something happened that made my husband and I strongly think about the supernatural in our lives and about life in general. Our son was a little over two years, when it happened. To say it was pretty late. At least we thought so against the background of his peers, who already being talked and expressed almost hard-compound sentences. And our continued Nikita molchat. Zagovoril it exactly two years, at once, a lot and clearly pronouncing every sound and very correct.
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