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Why we can never go back to the past?

Back to the pastAccording to Albert Einstein, in order to travel in the future, we need to reach the speed of light. To go back in time, we need to exceed the speed of light. The current record for time travel is Esther Dyson.

It flew about 337 miles around the Earth’s orbit at a speed of 28 km / h (17,450 miles per hour) – and in fact, a total of 0.02 seconds moved into the future. This means that at this moment he steps into two hundredths of a second before you see how he does it. So the journey into the future is possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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Leaving the past behind

past behindLife is happening now and sometimes no return. We have trouble seeing the obvious because we tied to old fashioned beliefs that incorporate past and we never become aware. Note that someone says something and it affects us and we react, we get angry or feel worse victims of the situation. We suffer, we become anxious, embody the pain.
We cling to our own drama, we know.
We waste our energy on the road of life, we falter.
Sometimes the need for the energy of the drama to feel alive, we circumcision in the lives of other people, with their situations, experiences, without seeking assistance or call us and we were tired and exhausted. Read the rest of this entry »


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On the night of Friday, the asteroid will fly past Earth

fly ,past ,EarthRecently discovered asteroid coming Thursday will be the point of its closest approach to Earth, but now experts say the risk of physical collision with an asteroid planet is virtually absent. According to preliminary estimates, the asteroid will pass by Earth at the distance of the moon or a little less.

The asteroid, named 2010 GA6 is hard rock with a diameter of about 22 meters. It was first discovered by astronomers from Arizona. The point of closest approach to Earth in 2010 GA6 will be held April 8 at 23:06 GMT or on April 9 at 2:06 Kyiv time.
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