Missing disappear in parallel worlds?

worldColenso statistics, every year in Russia lost tens of thousands of people. Some of them are. Some, alas, dead. Others – in hospitals. Third – from friends, friends or a bum on the streets of big cities. However, significant parts of the “poteryashek” get the definition of “missing.”

Specialists are more inclined to the conclusion that the world around us multi-layered like a cake, and “poteryashki” happen to be in parallel worlds. And can not get out.
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Parallel Worlds: from fantasy to reality

Parallel, WorldsThe town of Silent Hill is closed for several dozen years, ever since it happened a terrible tragedy on the outskirts of coal burned and the whole city, blazed and burned with all its inhabitants. Since the entry into it is forbidden.

It was in this place brings the mother her daughter, hoping to cure the child from nightmares. Town – is empty and deserted space, where contact and cross two parallel worlds. One of the worlds inhabited by bizarre, monstrous creatures and, it seems that to get out of this terrible place is impossible.

That such an oppressive atmosphere woven Hollywood kinokudesnikami in another sensational uzhasnike “Silent Hill, shot by the same name by computer game. And as far as possible in such a reality?
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Parallel worlds

Perhaps scientists closer to solving the most intriguing mysteries of the universe are there other than our other universes?

Albert Einstein in a lifetime trying to create a “theory of everything”, which would describe all the laws of the universe. Do not have time.

Today, astrophysicists suggest that the best candidate for this theory is the theory of superstrings. It not only explains the process of expansion of our universe, but also confirms the existence of other universes, who are with us. “Cosmic strings” is a distortion of space and time. They may be larger than the universe itself, although their thickness does not exceed the size of the atomic nucleus.
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