Three hurricanes in the Pacific

hurricanes In the central and eastern Pacific are three tropical hurricanes. Satellite Terra on the same day, August 5, in one pass made photos of each of them, which were then assembled into a panorama. 

Hurricane Genevieve that day was still in the Western Hemisphere at coordinates 12.6 north latitude and 176.8 east longitude, and shifted to the north-west at a speed of 28 km / h. However, on the last day he crossed the line and became a dateline typhoon Genevieve. Maximum wind speed shall be equal to 50 m / s. Of Super is far from the inhabited islands.  Continue reading “Three hurricanes in the Pacific”

Chinese cross the Pacific Ocean?

Pacific OceanHistorical say that the participants in the royally palace rather laughed at this extraordinary story.

They laughed and clapped their hands, saying to each other, they had never heard of a better history. Western scholars have seen in a long time; confirm that fact, progressive world view of the Chinese in ancient times, their ability to distinguish truth from fiction. Continue reading “Chinese cross the Pacific Ocean?”

Scientists have establish in the Pacific caffeine

Pacific oceanAmerican scientists newly discovered that in the Pacific Ocean contains caffeine. And it is not the least level and affects the lives of sea creatures. In several areas the level of caffeine than normal.

Now scientists want to find out the reason of finding of caffeine in the ocean. According to preliminary information, it is associated with high concentrations of sewer fees and the presence of septic tanks.
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Scientists study “the waste funnel” in the Pacific

waste, funnelOn Tuesday in San Francisco, will come the second research vessel “Kais”. Persons on board scientists plan to conduct a series of experiments to understand whether it is possible to effectively clean up the ocean of plastic. Two days ago, a “trash island” came a ship with a group of researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Two ships with scientists on board are sent to the accumulation of debris in the center of the Pacific Ocean in order to assess the extent of water pollution by plastic and the degree of threat to marine life.
The huge accumulation of garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean represents a threat to living organisms, but scientists say accurately assess the impact of pollution is not yet possible.
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