Origin of the Moon- secrets of the moon

the MoonWhere did the Moon? Simple and accurate answer is no, but, nevertheless, science allows you to make a few assumptions.

There are five major theories about the origin of the Moon. Fission theory argues that the moon was once part of our planet and separated from her at a very early stage in the history of the Earth – Moon actually just might be on the site of the modern Pacific. Continue reading “Origin of the Moon- secrets of the moon”

The scientists compared the origin of water on Earth and the Moon

OriginThe information contained in samples of lunar soil water got in there with the proto-Earth, British scientists have found. According to the most common theory of the origin of the moon, the satellite has resulted from the collision of Earth with a celestial body the size of Mars. Scientists examined samples that age is much older than the oldest rock samples on Earth. The study was intended to show how things were with the water on the moon shortly after it occurs 4.5 billion years ago. was found that crystals of apatite contains a significant amount of water. Scientists have measured the isotopic characteristics of hydrogen in the lunar water and revealed their possible origin. Continue reading “The scientists compared the origin of water on Earth and the Moon”

The mystery of the origin of gold in the Universe

GoldThe gold in the cosmos could be shaped by the collision of neutron stars, scientists believe. Origin of gold remained unclear until the end, because, in contrast to the lighter fundamentals such as carbon and iron, it can not be formed directly inside the star. Edo Berger of the Smithsonian Astrophysical center seems to solve this mystery, watching gamma-ray bursts – the cosmic scale releases of radioactive energy. Berger and his colleagues studied the short gamma-ray burst GRB 130603B, caused by the collision of two neutron stars. He was seen by NASA spacecraft Swift and lasted less than two-tenths of a second. Continue reading “The mystery of the origin of gold in the Universe”

Origin of life-And a man came out of the water

History of lifeNumerous data accumulated in anthropology, suggests that human ancestors were living in the water. And today people have kept at least at the initial stage of its development, the evidence speaks for “water” ancestors of mankind.

Prior to his birth nine months a child spends in the amniotic fluid. And in the first weeks of pregnancy the fetus has gill slits and a tail. Sometimes newborn children have a serious disease, ichthyoids, and the observed changes in the skin, and the skin of infants in structure resembles fish scales.

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The culture of the nation

Culture of civilizationThe great state only disappeared due to natural disasters or by sword and fire conquerors. No, sometimes they quietly faded away, leaving their own culture the migrant people, tribes of barbarians, which in Central America called Chichimeca – “people of canine origin.”

No one knows what it was for the tribes and where they lived before. As the legend, “they come from the depths of the plains, between the rocks,” settled in the city or close to them, mixing with the local population.
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The people of canine origin

canine originAztecs diligently digging of the Toltec and collected art objects found there. Subsequently, they were able to convince the others and especially themselves, that they – the direct descendants of the builders of the ancient pyramids.

The period of the Aztecs was quite short. Code of Conduct elaborated in contact with other Indian nations, and the title role in this, apparently, played bloody god Hospitalization orders.
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Scientists earlier to solving the mystery of origin

The scientists from Denmark, the sperm have a certain “mind” – they are able to do some calculations to get to the egg. An ordinary person who does not have a clear understanding of the human body, it is difficult to imagine how the male sex cells are matched to the egg to fertilize it.

Danish researchers decided to check the behavior of sperm in a liquid medium. Observation showed that the movement of sperm concentration of calcium in the controlled environment. Calcium concentration is particularly high in the vicinity of the egg – that in order to detect it, the sperm must be able to record any changes in the environment.
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A giant ball of fire of unidentified origin packed up into the planet Jupiter.

planet Amateur astronomers are more and more “outperform” professional astronomers with their sophisticated technology. So in the morning on September 10 amateur Dan Petersen was recorded huge fireball that “stick” giant planet Jupiter. The photo shows the area where the ball hit.

Peterson immediately notified the officials of the U.S. Association of ALPO (Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers). A press release from the association said that the figures look quite realistic, but, obviously, subject to confirmation.
Astronomers are urgently looking for more information about this event, namely-
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A wall height of 20 meters of unknown origin

20 meters wall A wall height of 20 meters of unknown origin. The wall will add the number of attractions of the southern region of Russia and will become a place of pilgrimage for tourists.

Locals have long known about this phenomenon of stone, but only recently have shown its scientists. The wall as it blocks a mountain gorge, and is an array, 20 meters high and long – more than 50. In this huge chunks of very precisely adjusted to each other – the type of cyclopean masonry. It’s a way of building, where only the weight and keep the correct form of the entire structure without any binder solution.
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The origin of the sexes

origin, sexesUsing as a model of multicellular green alga Volvox carteri, and its unicellular relative, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, researchers from the Salk Institute (Salk Institute for Biological Studies) investigated the secrets of the emergence of differences between male and female organisms.

The current work provides the first empirical support for the model, suggesting that bisexual organisms emerged through a process of encroachment genes. The latter took over responsibility for the production of male and female cells (gametes).
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