Scientists have establish a gigantic ring of dust close to the orbit of Venus

ring of dustScientists have establish a mysterious ring of dust in the orbit of Venus . This is the second such find in the solar system, according to NBC .

The diameter of the ring is 220 million kilometers. It glows and only 10% denser than the matter of which is formed interplanetary space. Its existence scientists have guessed before. In particular, it should be recorded in the 1970s. the Soviet interplanetary probes enus 9 and 10, but then prove the existence of the ring failed. Continue reading “Scientists have establish a gigantic ring of dust close to the orbit of Venus”

War UFOs in Earth’s orbit

UFOsThe pilots a UFO landing, often repair their machines, making the impression that the technique of saucers are very unreliable. But you can imagine something else: in the near-Earth space is a war between the races, and as a result – downed flying machines, their breakdowns and repairs.

Battle of the Gods
The historical evidence, as well as the myths and legends of many peoples of the world say that the battle between the warring factions aliens were held in ancient times. The most vivid description of them gives us the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata.  Continue reading “War UFOs in Earth’s orbit”

When the end of the world?

worldA witness and participant in the events, finishing our civilization. To be honest, and trusted enough that it will happen in the foreseeable future. On the other hand, objectively, we believe the end of all things sooner or later be predetermined. The unity of the opposite opinion from time to time makes tremble deep chord of the soul, and some, in the vain hope of escape, even impels to action, the majority of citizens obscure.
In the past, humanity, “pack your bags” in anticipation of a collision with an asteroid HZ51. It does not matter that the probability of such an outcome does not exceed one chance in six million. At least one, but was still a chance. Today, rested and calmed down, the failed apocalypse can only remember. Continue reading “When the end of the world?”

Big spaceships fly to Earth

This news was published on the grounds that the project SETI (Project SETI (born SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) – a project to search for extraterrestrial intelligence) is not a government in any country, but is a nonprofit research project. It seems that something is beginning to happen. By source of guidance SETI, wrote Bozzi, they are involved, some of the antennas, for processing signals and the exclusive use of the navy of the United States. Guide SETI, it seems very concerned that some very large objects rapidly approaching the Earth. You yourself can see this!. Continue reading “Big spaceships fly to Earth”

Sensation! Saturn’s discovered living beings!

Scoop NASA! Saturn is the life! Representatives of the space agency said they found evidence of numerous biological organisms known planet in the solar system. And the planet – Saturn.
Under assumptions of NASA, the hydrogen, which is located in Titan’s atmosphere, using biological beings, by analogy, how on Earth all living use oxygen. In the atmospheric environment of Titan sunlight split the molecules of acetylene and methane. Continue reading “Sensation! Saturn’s discovered living beings!”

Through billions of years the Earth will face a Mars or Venus

Scientists came to the conclusion that the force, known as orbital chaos, can bring considerable confusion in the orbits of the planets of the solar system, our Earth is in general may encounter with their closest neighbors Venus or Mars. The probability of such a collision is small, about 1 to 2500, moreover, even if the planet and will move from their orbits, we do not threaten the planetary collision is about 3.5 billion years.

In this case, the chance that our star will maintain its gravity and all the features that will keep the orbit in their places is quite large – about 99%. Jacques Laskar, an astronomer at the Paris Astronomical Observatory, said that the most likely scenario is that approximately 5 billion years, all the planets in our solar system will remain approximately at their places, but 100% can not exclude the orbital chaos and a small probability of collision of the planets still there.
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In orbit “perpetual motion”

motionIn the current small spacecraft “Jubilee” is experimenting with an engine, based on new physical principles get traction.

Scientists are trying to overcome gravity. How? This was in conversation with Vladimir GUNDAROVYM said deputy director general of the State Space Scientific Production Center named after MV Khrunichev, founder, director and supervisor of the Research Institute of Space Systems name AA Maksimov, Major-General retired Valery Menshikov.
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