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The Earth oldest and largest crater

Oldest EarthThe heart of South Africa’s shabby Vredefort crater lurk curious black and green rocks. This is all that remains of the magma sea, once filled the hole in the ground, say Desmond Moser Western University of Ontario city of Canada. Vredefort crater ten-formed 2.02 billion years ago, and since then, of course, it did not spare the time.

Education called Vredefort was once very different. Its original diameter is estimated at 300 km. Asteroid or meteoroid, please Africa had probably 10 km in diameter and dug a hole, the depth of which is ten times larger than the Grand Canyon, says Mr. Moser. Read the rest of this entry »

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Discovered the oldest person on the world

oldest personRecently, the sedimentary rocks of South Africa discovered fossils of a ferocious predator with huge long claws. According to scientists, this finding is the oldest ever found in all of the former super continent Gondvana. Okamenelye remains scorpion age of 360 million years old have been found on the farm Waterloo, not far from the South African town of Grahams town.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Canada have found the oldest water in the world

Old waterWater is found in the process of drilling boreholes in the mine, which is located 2.4 kilometers below the Timmins and Ontario seems to have traces of long-vanished ocean and atmosphere that existed when there was only life, breathable oxygen – approximately 2.5 billion years ago.

This discovery is spectacular in all – says professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Toronto Barbara Sherwood Loller, which was part of the team that made the discovery.  – As if we found another world.  Read the rest of this entry »

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The world’s oldest animal

oldest animalScientists have found life of the genus Fuxianhuia, lived 520 million years ago. This is made possible by the findings in terms of unique paleontological site – Chinese Syaoshibe place where scientists every year are dozens of fossils of the earliest organisms.

Members of the genus Fuxianhuia had elongated segmented body with numerous small legs and several pairs of elongated limbs in front of the torso. Last used to capture detritus – organic particles, such as fragments of algae sink to the bottom. Read the rest of this entry »

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World oldest wooden structures in Germany

wooden structuresThe world oldest wooden buildings in the world were discovered by German archaeologists from the University of Freiburg. The excavations near Leipzig, Saxony, were found wooden oak represent wells, the oldest in Europe. Researchers believe that the wells were constructed in the period from 5206 – 5098’s. BC
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The oldest Christian text illustrated

oldest ,ChristianIn the Ethiopian monastery discovered manuscript, which may be the oldest in the world illustrated Christian text?

Originally it was dated XI century, but with the help of radiocarbon dating has established a clear date of creation of the text – between 330 and 650 AD.

The text, whose age exceeds 1600 years, is named in honor of the monk Abba Garima, who arrived in Ethiopia in the V century. According to legend, he rewrote the Gospel in just one day immediately after the founding of the monastery Garima, near Adua, in the north.
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Found the oldest drawing rights

oldest, drawingIn northern Australia, Arnhem Land plateau, found rock drawings made of reddish ocher. It depicts two geniornisov (genyornis). These large birds have died, according to biologists, another 40 thousand years ago.

– This finding suggests either that this species existed much longer than previously thought, a portrait of the birds to recognize one of the oldest in the history of mankind, – explained the value of the findings of an expert on rock art, co-founder of the Australian Association for the Study of rock art (AURA), Ben Gunn . – Figure hardly been redrawn, and that, judging by the detail of the image, the artist knew how to look like a bird, and not guided by the stories and imagination.
Above: The painting on a distant rock made with red ocher. Below: reconstruction
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