Oceans on ancient Mars arose from the hydrogen of the greenhouse effect

MarsOceans of liquid water existed on the surface of Mars in ancient times, can occur on the red planet through the greenhouse effect induced by high concentration of hydrogen in the atmosphere, say scientists in a paper published in the journal Nature.

It is considered that on the surface of Mars in ancient times there were oceans and rivers of liquid water. The red planet is too small to hold the dense atmosphere, causing the water slowly evaporate into space along with the air of Mars. Continue reading “Oceans on ancient Mars arose from the hydrogen of the greenhouse effect”

Devastating trio for oceans

 oceansThe oceans for granted, like the endless abyss that can endure everything. It turned out that this is not the case. No matter how big the ocean, and the scale of our crimes against him, even wider. Scientists are talking about the disastrous trio that threatens much of the surface of our planet. This trinity attributed ocean warming, ocean acidification and loss of ocean oxygen. According to recent reports, the temperature of the surface water in the ocean has increased by 0.6 ° C. Acidification of seawater is due to intensive ingress of atmospheric carbon dioxide, neither more nor less – 30 billion tons of CO2 per year. Continue reading “Devastating trio for oceans”

The oceans of Earth’s history

Global warmingScientists are concerned about the new discovery. It turns out that about five million years ago, a huge East Antarctic ice sheet melted, raising the sea level by 20 meters. What will happen if the current increase in global temperature will lead to the same consequences?

About five million years ago, sheets of ice at the South Pole began to melt because of ancient global warming. This has caused a rise in sea level by 20 meters. Scientists came to the conclusion that most of this increase was caused by the melting of a large ice sheet in East Antarctica.

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History oceans talk about the climate in the future

oceans talkScientists declare that every drop of water in the oceans contain the memory of organic matter always get into the water. Deciphering the code, scientists can find out what happened to the Earth millions of years ago. So whether it’s leading “Morning of Russia” asked the head of the Department of Biophysics, Moscow State University, Professor Vsevolod Tverdislov.

According to the expert, the German scientists published an excellent scientific work, but to say that the water in the oceans all remember, you can not. After the memory is an inherent only living being. “A great new method can learn the content of all carbon compounds that live in the ocean. Method is this: if you convert the organic matter to make the flow of ions and these ions, depending on the electric and magnetic field, they will scatter.
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The oceans quarrel coral with algae

oceans, coralEcologists have discovered yet another negative effect exerted by the ocean on the coral. It is associated with an increase in the acidity of ocean waters.Corals of many species prefer to settle on surfaces covered with algae and childbirth. According to scientists, these algae, corals younger feel “real paradise”. In the new work, researchers have discovered an unexpected effect – the growth of corals acidity preferences are changing. In particular, the level of acidity, as predicted by the end of the XXI century, 45 percent of the corals start to avoid the mentioned genera of algae. According to scientists, it can negatively affect the development of coral reefs, as fewer coral settles next to them. In addition, many settles on the ground, unsuitable for coral growth.
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Oceans threatens the oxidation

OceanThe Marine Laboratory of the British city of Plymouth said that development is difficult to predict, but expresses concern for the fate of many species.

Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities lead to the oxidation of the oceans and threaten massive destruction of marine flora and fauna.
According to researchers, since the industrial revolution carbon dioxide emissions have led to a 30% increase the acidity of ocean water. Such acidity in the ocean was at least 500 thousand years.
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