“Shelter” at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will withstand a six-point earthquake

The nuclear power plant can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 6 thanks conducted in 1997 and 2008 projects to enhance security and stabilization facility, told the CEO Igor Gramotkin station.
“Currently, facility due to the work carried out is in stable condition for 15 years. Looking at this angle,” Fukushima “, we were able to bring it today in a state where it can withstand an earthquake measuring 6 points without the destruction and consequences”, – said he said. Continue reading ““Shelter” at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will withstand a six-point earthquake”

Millions of years ago on Mars, there was a nuclear explosion

MarsAmerican scholar, Professor John Brandenburg of the company Orbital Technologies Corp announced the theory that a few hundred million years ago on Mars, there was a large-scale nuclear accident – the explosion of the natural nuclear reactor, sleep half the planet with radioactive dust and debris.
However, other scholars have expressed doubts about the reality of this hypothesis.
According to Brandenburg, on Mars there are two components of the natural plant – ground water and uranium reserves. “There is evidence that a large nuclear reactor has been formed and operated in the western hemisphere of Mars. Apparently, the reactor produces enriched uranium-233 from thorium, and, apparently, was destroyed in an explosion, throwing large amounts of radioactive substances on the surface of Mars “- said in a report to the Brandenburg Planetological conferences in the U.S. Continue reading “Millions of years ago on Mars, there was a nuclear explosion”

Chernobyl nuclear power plant found in the vertebrae of unborn children

Radionuclides are rapidly accumulating in the vertebrae of children; it threatens the appearance of malignant tumors in the future. Scientists at the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine for the first time in world practice proved the existence of the relationship between the accumulation of radionuclides in the placenta, placental insufficiency and weight of future babies.
Study of radionuclide content in bones of the fetus, which was held jointly with the University of Bristol (England), showed that the radionuclides are rapidly accumulating in the vertebrae, teeth and fins for all post-Chernobyl years.
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Prediction of Vanga. In spring 2011, the Earth will be a nuclear disaster

Terrifying prophecy tells us: “In the Northern Hemisphere fall out fallout and in a part of the world will not be any animals or plants”
It would be possible to build an assumption that everyone understands fortune-tellers, psychics and astrologers have foreseen such an event. Unless, of course, their providence something so mean. We decided to analyze, hit anyone of them to a point. Here is what was found. “Neither wars nor other disasters will not happen” – was announced on 2011, “chief visionary of Russia Pavel Globa. This fact has been ascertained at a press conference in January. Wrote about a variety of publications on the editorials.
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Discovered element 114

element An international team of physicists has registered in the experiment 13 atoms ununkvadiya – an element with 114 protons in the nucleus.

The first news of the opening ununkvadiya appeared in 1999: its founders were members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. Last year a group of experts from the National Laboratory. Lawrence Berkeley (USA), led by Nietzsche Heino (Heino Nitsche) and Ken Gregorich (Ken Gregorich), confirmed this result, having two atoms of the desired element.
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Nuclear war … 3000 years ago?

Nuclear, warArchaeological Expedition that conducted in the early 1900’s, excavations near the Indian settlement Moheidzho-daro, found the ruins of the great old city, belonging to a civilization which was one of the most advanced in the world and has been for two – three millennia. But the main mystery of the metropolis, appeared before the scientists, was not in his heyday, but with the death.

Researchers have tried to explain why the “dead” town, putting forward various suggestions. But all the hypotheses crumbled like a house of cards: the ruins of the buildings are not seen no sign of raging water elements, there was not many human and animal corpses and debris and traces of weapons of destruction. None of the found skeletons had no damage characteristic of injury and cold steel. The obvious was only one fact – the accident occurred suddenly and lasted for long.
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What is a “nuclear winter”?

nuclear, winterIn the sky blooms 2nd Sun. A moment of pause and break out the trees begin to melt asphalt. A few seconds later the shock wave sweeps away everything in its path and carries away the hundreds of tons of dust and debris that become homes. Above the town blooming giant tree of nuclear mushroom. The light fades. There comes a doomsday…
A terrible picture, is not it? Its not been seen in science fiction films-made disasters. However, few people thought about the fact that the worst in a nuclear war is not in the explosions (although, of course, part of the victims will be a tribute to them exactly). Continue reading “What is a “nuclear winter”?”