Nuclear explosion affects the course of time

explosion nuclearToday, it is not disputed that the curved space, closed in gravitational collapse, forms a black hole, which can be enclosed the whole universe. But few know that Sakharov, like Einstein, many of his works devoted to cosmology.

In his work Multisheet model of the universe and some other articles devoted to the properties of curved space, it recognizes that, along with the observable universe there are many others.

The idea of parallel worlds nowadays widely recognized. And you can get there, punctures space powerful energy punch that probably happened to Elridzhem. But such punctures space-time continuum can occur not only as a result of exposure to electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Often these phenomena occur during nuclear explosions. Continue reading “Nuclear explosion affects the course of time”

NASA prepares the nuclear interceptor asteroids

Entered into the second phase of development of a unique project of the nuclear interceptor asteroid Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle (HAIV).

This is a NASA program aimed at creating technologies that can save the Earth from the devastating impact of the asteroid. HAIV will represent the spacecraft through the kinetic energy penetrates the asteroid, which will trigger a nuclear bomb. The asteroid will be destroyed or shifted with the trajectory. The majority wreckage will disperse in hand and will not pose a serious threat to our planet. Continue reading “NASA prepares the nuclear interceptor asteroids”

Michel Nostradamus – Predictor of nuclear nightmare

The most notable person, up to kings, considered it an honor to chat and make friends with Michel Nostradamus. It was called “God’s chosen prophet.” And it really is not an exaggeration. For his contemporaries and descendants Nostradamus was and remains a mysterious figure, a magician, for which, it seemed, there was no boundaries of time and space.

Michelle was born in 1503 in the French town of San Remy. His father, a notary, a baptized Jew. Most relatives of Nostradamus differed a great scholar, and one of the grandfathers, the doctor, was an advisor of King. Continue reading “Michel Nostradamus – Predictor of nuclear nightmare”

Black holes-nuclear fusion occurs

Black HoleSwedish & German group scientists simulated the behavior of matter in micro quasars – pairs of celestial bodies that are sources of strong X-ray emission.

These pairs consist of the traditional donor star and partner-acceptor, which may be a white dwarf, neutron star or black hole of stellar mass. The substance flowing from the donor, turned in an accretion disk, just like in a shell crater flowing curls of water. The disc material is accelerated and due to friction between different layers of quite heated.
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A new type of nuclear fusion

nuclearScientists at Sandia National Laboratories (USA) conducted a series of computer simulations and found that the fusion of high-gain (energy output is much greater than the input) can be maintained through a heated cylindrical container placed in a strong magnetic field. Calculations show that a new type of generator produces many times more energy than it took to initiate the reaction. The new method is 50 times more effective than the use of hazardous X-rays. “Nobody believes in the highest gain for magnetized inertial fusion (MIF), but our mathematical calculations refute this error, – said one of the authors of the opening of Steve Sluts. – Now we must try to do it, and I do not see any obstacles for a successful experiment. Continue reading “A new type of nuclear fusion”

Nuclear war has been!?

Nuclear Darwin’s theory according to which the monkeys are ancestors of man, losing its way. What would Darwin wrote his theory, but apparently not by our ancestors were apes. It turns out that science has some evidence to make clear that once the earth was already a nuclear war. A huge number of paleontological, geological and archaeological evidence indicates that in the distant past – about thirteen thousand years ago, something terrible had happened, resulting in not only destroyed an advanced civilization that exists at the time, but many representatives as the vegetable world and animal. You can with great certainty that the mysterious deaths of Atlantis, which belonged to the great scholar Plato this time, is not a coincidence. Moreover, a large flood, many of the scholars referred to this period. According to researchers, about two hundred species of animals became extinct at this time. At the same time not taken into account saber-toothed tigers, mammoths and many other animals that have died as a result of various geological disasters, such as – the devastating earthquake, violent volcanic eruptions, the rapid melting of glaciers, huge tidal waves. Continue reading “Nuclear war has been!?”

Scenario number 7 End of the Milky Way in a black hole

black holeThe black hole at the center of the galaxy, wakes up in her all the stars fall through the funnel of the Milky Way. If we observe the Milky Way and other galaxies far away, rush out into the eyes of an obvious difference: in our solar system, the relative calm prevails, whereas many other galaxies live in constant activity. Gas emissions, an area of high intensity of star formation, a flood of radio waves, X-rays and gamma rays, the release of huge amounts of energy, all this gives the appearance of galaxies nearby stars, whereas in fact they are from us at a distance of billions of light years away. Continue reading “Scenario number 7 End of the Milky Way in a black hole”

Scenario number 5 Giant Sun

sunThe end of his life a huge red sun will swallow the Earth, which turned into a scorched desert. Once the sun looked very different than today. After billions of years it will again change its appearance. However, these changes are imperceptible to the human scale of time. Nevertheless, the Sun has its own life cycle – from the formation of clouds of interstellar matter, then a period of more or less peaceful existence, and then certain death. Energy Forge Sun, like any other star, has a thermonuclear nature and duration of a star to be in direct proportion to its mass. Unlike wood burning is the longer, more combustible substance, with stars is reversed. The more they have, the shorter the period during which they reach the final stage, ie the phase when fully exhausted its sources of energy. Continue reading “Scenario number 5 Giant Sun”

Scenario number 3 Connecting Continents

ConnectingAfter 250 million years, Australia to connect with Asia, Japan will disappear, America and Russia will be represented by a single entity. The formation of new mountain ranges, active volcanoes.
It was called Pangea – from the Greek word meaning “whole earth” – and was a huge continent, which is almost 250 million years ago, water washed the Peace of the ocean. Its decay into fragments accompanied by terrible calamities that claimed many life forms. However, in the distant future Pangea begins to form again, even if its appearance is not the same as it was then. In ancient times the Earth’s surface shape as a result of continental drift – a phenomenon related to the structure of the globe, which, as everyone knows, consists of three layers: core, mantle and crust. The upper part of the mantle and crust form a hard layer – the lithosphere, which floats on the surface of a deep layer of the mantle, which consists of semi-hot rocks. According to scientists a slow ascent and immersion of giant fragments of the Earth’s mantle and creates just the force that drags the lithosphere plates, like luggage on the belt at the airport. Continue reading “Scenario number 3 Connecting Continents”

On the planet of the era of megakatastrof

PlanetDevastating earthquake in Haiti and the coasts of Japan – is a harbinger of powerful upheavals that would soon befall the continents of our planet, say U.S. researchers.
That was the conclusion seismologists Laboratory U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado, Charles Buffet and David Perkins. They studied natural disasters over the past 110 years. “The planet Earth is the era of megakatastrof” – sure Buffet.
According to scientists, powerful aftershocks clustered in time, forming a seismic “clusters”.
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