Nibiru visible from Earth

Nibiru Mythological sources that Nibiru wandering planet that is in the solar system. Nibiru appears between the planets Mars and Jupiter every Z600 years and moves on an elongated orbit.

When approaching the Earth and its inhabitants – Annunaki descended to Earth and in contact with the inhabitants of our planet. Nibiru and Planet Phaeton are on the same orbit. Continue reading “Nibiru visible from Earth”

NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?

Discovered NibiruNASA researcher and the orbital telescope Spitzer discovered most of the known low-temperature brown dwarfs – dim star-like object, which surprisingly looks as frosty as the North Pole on Earth. By images from space telescopes can be quite accurately determine the distance from the Earth to the subject – 7.2 light years away, so he became the fourth nearest star system to our sun.

System is the nearest star, Alpha Centauri trio, to defend the Earth from about 4 light-years. Continue reading “NASA space telescopes have discovered Nibiru?”

Will fall on heavenly planet Nibiru?

NibiruAncient times afraid heavenly signs that seemed to our ancestors signs of divine forces. Despite the fact that humanity learns more about the cosmos, mania fall heavenly Planida does not disappear.

To reassure interested in space and the future of mankind citizens, NASA has created a special map of all currently known to astronomers of the heavenly bodies, potentially moving toward Earth. Map created a highly respected agency – NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory inPasadena, therefore doubt the outcome is not necessary: Nibiru to us until you fly, you can take a breath.

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A collision with Nibiru in 2013

nibiruWhat is the planet Nibiru does not make sense to describe it, and so probably everyone knows, but when she prophesied by close to Earth? Perhaps all the natural disasters and cataclysms that our planet is going through is the harbingers of this approximation So at the moment we have two dates catastrophic convergence of the Earth to the planet Nibiru. 1)July 21, 2013. 2)February 14, 2013. First Date 21 July 2013 appeared 29 May 2013, and its source is not well understood. Continue reading “A collision with Nibiru in 2013”

NASA looking for a mythical planet Nibiru killer

planet NibiruNibiru which according to ancient tradition, with a certain periodicity flies around the Earth once again attracted the attention of astronomers. NASA officially confirmed the existence of Nibiru in 1983, beginning her serious quest.

Some scholars argue that it is the gravitational force of Nibiru caused the Great Flood, which led to a global catastrophe.
Earlier, U.S. researchers have suggested that Nibiru – artificially created by aliens planet to live on it and watch the Earth, Nibiru, red in color, has a splinter loop and several satellites.
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Each 3600 years Nibiru passed our solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter

planetThe minority billion years ago there was a large planet Tiamat. It revolved approximately the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Then there was another huge planet Nibiru, which moves in the opposite direction to the other planets.

Each 3600 years Nibiru passed our solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. One day, walking along the orbit of Nibiru came so close to Tiamat, that one of its moons collided with Tiamat and split it in half. The result is that a huge chunk of Tiamat left the course and crossed the orbit between Venus and Mars, became the Earth as we know it today.
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The planet Nibiru – a very scary

Nibiru Solar system Nibiru is a only once in three thousand years, and this leads to a universal catastrophe… The first … Nibiru (Nibiru) is one of the most of the planets that revolves around a black star or otherwise called – Brown Dwarf. This Black Star has six small planets, one of which is the size of Earth and referred to the Motherland, and finally, the 7th planet, has a red color and giant size, which is called Nibiru.

The sixth planet – Motherland is very similar to Earth. According to legend, this is a wonderful place to live they are the gods of antiquity. Nibiru is not suitable for life and serves as a rule, in the role of military spacecraft.
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You already see Nibiru?

Ends with the Mayan calendar, and we were all waiting for the big and scary Karachun. One of the most popular reasons for the apocalypse – the planet Nibiru , which collide with the Earth. It is sometimes confused with Planet X .
NASA’s tired of the hell that ufologists, alarmists, trolls, lovers and ordinary fried spammer’s link to his scholars, and the agency came up with another statement that none of these celestial bodies in the nearest planet not destroy. They are all, strictly speaking, does not exist.
The history of madness began with the fact that in 1976 Zecharia Sitchin published the book “The Twelfth Planet,” which posted its own translation of the Sumerian cuneiform, allegedly mentioning the planet Nibiru approaching the Sun every 3600 years. A few years later, the self-proclaimed psychic Nancy Lieder announced contact with aliens, who warned her that the planet is faced with the Earth in 2003. When this happened, the date was moved to the apocalypse of 2012 – year of the end of the long period of the Mayan calendar.
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12 incredible events in 2012

Incredible,year,20122012 will be an incredible year, the financial world is facing an abyss, the wars in Iran and Syria, managed natural disasters, new epidemics, newly discovered vaccines, curtailed civil rights and censorship on the Internet. Apocalypse at the end of 2012 – that is what is most feared in 2012, numerous prophets.
12 different factors in the development of events in 2012.
1) End of the World 2012
Mayan calendar ends on 21/12/2012
Fearsome date that the majority of Mayan priests associated with disasters in a society that is coming new age of mankind, waking from a dream, an enlightened and tolerant, living in peace and harmony. Under the influence of increased solar activity, our DNA is significantly altered. Continue reading “12 incredible events in 2012”

The mystery of Planet X (Nibiru)

Planet X (Nibiru) – is an artificial vessel, crossing our universe, not in orbit, but rather the regular route under the conscious direction of its humanoid volunteers who live within it (but not on its surface). Their aim is to check the unusual destructive power, adversely affecting the neighboring regions of the Cosmos. They, in collaboration with similar groups, several times destroyed hopelessly aggressive civilization on Earth in the past few million years, so we can begin our work anew under more favorable conditions. This is one of the theories.
Planet Nibiru in size about the mean between the size of Uranus and Jupiter.
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