The new drug-cartel.

We’re running out of antibiotics to fight a growing group lethal superbug.

 In August 2010, The Lancet published a group of bacteria that shared an enzyme capable of blocking the effect of virtually all known antibiotics. In  been presented 37 cases of infected patients, 44 in Madrasand 26 in Mariana,India, in addition to 73 in other Asian populations.

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Opens new galaxy in the early universe

GalaxyAstronomers from the “Johns Hopkins” believe that distant galaxy MACS 1149-JD was found at the time when she was about 200 million years. It is considered among the main galaxies, which have played an important role in the reionization – an event that marked the end of the universe, the so-called “dark ages.”

“In fact, the light in the universe appeared in the era of reionization,” – explains co-author Leonidas Moustakas, a researcher NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, division California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California.
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2012 – end of the world or new era?

eraGreat Book, the Bible Kolbrinskaya the manuscript Kolbrina, the Bible and the Book Kolbrina Coila – all these names mean one and the same ancient document, whose origins go far in our distant past. Even at the dawn of time, about 1500 BC, Egyptian scholars and astrologers had written a manuscript, which was given the name “Great Book”. The book is telling us about the exodus out of Egypt, which occurred at about the same time, and was full of descriptions of the Great Flood, and in such detail,
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