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Explosions MLB Never Occurred

History there have been explosions incredibly strong, both which have been felt hundreds of miles away. Some man-made and others by nature, both land and in the universe. These are the strongest explosions in the history of the modern human is aware:-

10. Disaster at Texas City. A fire discovered explosionby stevedores preparing to lower the cargo of ammonium nitrate aboard the “SS GRANDCAMP” in the tank (Pier) “O”, about 8 am, from 16 April 1947, led to the first of two disastrous explosions, one at 9:12 am, on April 16, 1947 that destroyed the entire area of the pier, flammable tanks Monsanto Chemical Company, many homes and commercial buildings.
The second explosion resulted from a fire of ammonium nitrate on board the “SS HIGH FLYER” that occurred some 16 hours later at 1:10 am on April 17, 1947.
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