Burst dam In Japan and flooding the town Joso

Joso townIn the Japanese city of Joso completely flooded due to the dam on the River Kinugawa, are working to rescue about 200 people. Rescuers publish horrific pictures which show floating house and clinging to their residents. About 100 people are on the roof of a local supermarket, the first floor of a two-storey building flooded.

 Another 80 people awaiting rescue on the second floor of the nursing home. It flooded the first floor. Earlier it was reported about your visits to the rescue of the 80 residents who do not have time to evacuate and waiting for help on the balconies of their houses. Self-defense Forces by this time rescued 39 people. Rescuers evacuating people by helicopter, since all the roads of the city are flooded and the rough is not for you closer to home by boat. Continue reading “Burst dam In Japan and flooding the town Joso”

Amazing Thailand

NatureCountry – exotic tale. Smiling locals, exotic fruits and gardens of outrageous beauty, coral reefs and beautiful sea. Tours in Thailand will be interesting to those who long ago looking for something abnormal. And, indeed, this kingdom is sometimes affected their traditions and way of life, culture and customs.

Kingdom, located between India and China, and this means that it is also influenced by the traditions of these two countries. The study of this amazing area usually begins with a visit to Bangkok. Here you check the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Continue reading “Amazing Thailand”

America builds “Death Star”

NatureTrue if the rumors that the United States government is going to make a Death Star – a super weapon of the epic Star Wars, capable of destroying whole planets?

At the end of 2012 Internet users was a report that the United States government is going to build a Death Star – a super weapon of the epic Star Wars, capable of destroying entire planets. In response to the rising turmoil the White House explained that they had received a appeal from the sci-fi fans with a proposal for the construction of such a battle station. However, the government discarded the project because of its high cost and inexpedient. Continue reading “America builds “Death Star””

The moon will go round into a giant particle detector

NatureUntil now, no one knows where these particles come from and how they find such an incredible amount of kinetic power. One of these particles with an energy of 3 × 1020 EV, was found in 1991, which led scientists to uncertainty.

Extremely strange particles of cosmic rays of specially high power are very difficult to detect on Earth, scientists can find them only when they come into contact with the higher atmosphere. When this happens, the particles cause a rush of secondary particles that emit radio waves that lasts only a few nanoseconds. Continue reading “The moon will go round into a giant particle detector”

People will move to the orbital mega cities


People have already extend to all corners of the globe, but the human population continues to grow and over population disaster seems inevitable. However, Dr Al Globus, working with NASA, I’m sure this is no trouble. 

The next rational step, he said, would be the migration of mankind Earth’s orbit. Scientists believe that the first orbit conclusion will by the end of the century.  Continue reading “People will move to the orbital mega cities”

First tourists will go to the moon in 2018

 moonSpace tourists will be able to fly around the Moon on the Russian spacecraft Soyuz already in 2018. Such a journey is raising company Space Adventures. Using the already confirmed fly space ships Russia, we will send two individual and one professional astronaut around the side of the moon.

They will be 100 km from the lunar surface, – said on its website.It is planned that the first Union with tourists dock with the International Space Station (ISS),

Continue reading “First tourists will go to the moon in 2018”

The observable universe discovered massive galaxies

MysteriousA new study using the Spitzer Space Telescope at NASA, and knowledge the deep and uncharted waters of our cosmos. During one of the many missions with the telescope, astronomers have begun a three-month voyage to capture the faintest of galaxies billions of light-years away. The results already provide attractive food for thought. 

“If you think of this study as the fishery galaxies in outer sea, we find more large fish in deep waters than previously expected,” – says Charles Steinhardt Center of the infrared processing and analysis (IPAC) at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Continue reading “The observable universe discovered massive galaxies”

Black Earth’s shadow

mysteriousAnomalous zones. Scientists believe they are shaped in places where the unknown power. Bermuda Triangle – the most famous strange place in the world. 150 years in the area of theAtlantic Ocean – gone whiter 1000, more than 50 vessels and two dozen aircraft. In this case, a single body of the deceased – was not found. 

For many years the study of the Bermuda Triangle, the experts put forward a dissimilar version of the mysterious disappearances. The simplest of them – a sudden change of weather situation, and the most incredible – kidnapping organize residents underwater Atlantis. Continue reading “Black Earth’s shadow”

Astronomers have identified a “zone of Venus” around stars

mysteriousAstronomer of the State University of San Francisco, Stephen Kane and a team of researchers offered a definition of a zone of Venus, the area around a star where a planet is likely to have uninhabitable situation, such as those found on the planet Venus, writes Phys.org. 

The research will help astronomers settle on which planets discovered telescope Kepler, whose mission is to search for habitable planets similar to Earth, in fact, like a sister planet Earth. Continue reading “Astronomers have identified a “zone of Venus” around stars”

Supernatural near: Dog – the best friend of the ghost

mysteriousAs we have seen, the ghosts appear to us not only in revealing, like to the human body. Another proof – the so-called Black Dogs, they can be seen only in the UK and Ireland, they live wholly in the old cemeteries and abandoned ancient interment ground.

Documentary proof of their survival to produce and did not work, since there Dogs only at night, when it is impossible to imprison in a photo. However, only about a century ago, the vast British in the morning found the lacerated body of viciously murdered people far away from the cemeteries, and other animals such as wolves, which could create the same, there are no salmon. Continue reading “Supernatural near: Dog – the best friend of the ghost”