Animals anticipate catastrophic natural phenomena?

phenomenaIs it true that animals have a sixth sense that helps them anticipate such catastrophic natural phenomena?

The answer to this question is not simple. There are a huge number of facts about how the animals begin to behave strangely for a few hours or minutes before the earthquake. In the scientific community there is no consensus as to what kind of factors underlie this behavior.

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Natural disasters in history-Great Chinese earthquake(1556)

 Natural disasterIn 1556 took place the most shocking earthquake in the history of mankind, called the Great Chinese earthquake. It happened January 23, 1556 in the province of Shaanxi. Historians believe that the disaster claimed the lives of about 830,000 people, more than any other event.

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Mountain Dead

MountainThe first tragedy occurred February 1, 1959 On the sunny winter day on the mountain came to ascend 10 Sverdlovsk tourists by Igor Dyatlov.  All – students, but experienced travelers – everyone behind him not one campaign for Polar Urals.  One of them, Yuri Yudin, legs ached, and he returned to the village.  Vijay, where the group set off on a journey.  9 people went further: Igor Dyatlov, Zina Kolmogorov Rustem Slobodin, Yuri Doroshenko, Yuri Krivonischenko, Nicholas Thibault-Brignoles, Lyudmila Dubinin, Alexander Zolotarev, Alexander Kolevatov.  Continue reading “Mountain Dead”

Who is the “Sandy”?

CycloneAmericans and Canadians assess the damage and calculate the losses from the depredations “Sandy,” we try to understand the terminology of the cyclonic eddies. After being initially tropical cyclone, “Sandy” was transformed into extra tropical cyclone and covered the East Coast of the U.S. and Canada in a new capacity.

The thing is that the tropical and extra-tropical cyclones completely different physics: first appear in the tropics over very warm water surface (at least +27 ° C) and “fed” by allocating huge amount of condensing with powerful lifting hot and humid air . Extra tropical cyclones occur against the backdrop of sharp temperature contrasts in the main atmospheric fronts that separate the two air masses with different properties.
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Americans met “Sandy”

SandyThe head of New York City than in a sense summed up the first day of the coming storm.

Meeting oceanic elements and solid earth eastern U.S. general in American politics bore special eloquence. The more so because they suddenly got almost all the airtime on the channels that broadcast to find a sufficient number of kilowatts. Electricity, by the way, was the first, but, unfortunately, not the only scarce resource. In second place was the fuel for autonomous power. Continue reading “Americans met “Sandy””

Natural Anomalous zones

Natural BeautyNatural Anomalous zones has become a tradition to call large or small area, some land or water elements that are in different parts of the world and characterized by a large number of events that can not give a scientific explanation.

In anomalous zones are unexplained things, time changes its course, home to strange creatures – phantoms happen miraculous healing or a person perceives the punishment for certain actions. Some people bypass their tenth party, the other drawn there like a powerful magnet.
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Alaska River overflowed

Meteorologists reported that due to rains, the water level in the rivers flowing into the Cook Inlet climbed more than 1 meter. It was decided to cut off some roads and create a Center for emergencies.

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In the South of Russia and Ukraine expected heavy downpours and tornadoes

Atmospheric situation in South-East Europe, contributed to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions in the regions of Ukraine and Russia. Last night at the West of Ukraine came out cold atmospheric front.

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The volcano is spewing ash and smoke Curl in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia–a volcano in Northern Indonesia spewing hot smoke and ash thousands of feet into the air after two new eruptions.
The volcano on the island of Sulawesi Curl came back to life last year.

Activity of the volcano was resumed on Friday with two strong eruptions and continued today on Saturday.

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A giant iceberg moves between Greenland and Canada

In mid-July in the North-Western coast of Greenland from the glacier broke off a giant iceberg Petermann before taking over, called PII-2012.

Since then, he has gradually moved towards the exit of the fjord and now reached the Strait of Nares is a thin strip of ocean separating Greenland from Canada. In the process of the iceberg have begun to peel off fairly impressive pieces. Continue reading “A giant iceberg moves between Greenland and Canada”