Natural disasters in history-Great Chinese earthquake(1556)

In 1556 took place the most shocking earthquake in the history of mankind, called the Great Chinese earthquake. It happened January 23, 1556 in the province of Shaanxi. Historians believe that the disaster claimed the lives of about 830,000 people, more than any other event. Some areas are totally depopulated Shaanxi, and the rest killed… Read more Natural disasters in history-Great Chinese earthquake(1556)

Mountain Dead

The first tragedy occurred February 1, 1959 On the sunny winter day on the mountain came to ascend 10 Sverdlovsk tourists by Igor Dyatlov.  All – students, but experienced travelers – everyone behind him not one campaign for Polar Urals.  One of them, Yuri Yudin, legs ached, and he returned to the village.  Vijay, where… Read more Mountain Dead

Natural Anomalous zones

Natural Anomalous zones has become a tradition to call large or small area, some land or water elements that are in different parts of the world and characterized by a large number of events that can not give a scientific explanation. In anomalous zones are unexplained things, time changes its course, home to strange creatures… Read more Natural Anomalous zones

Alaska River overflowed

Meteorologists reported that due to rains, the water level in the rivers flowing into the Cook Inlet climbed more than 1 meter. It was decided to cut off some roads and create a Center for emergencies. There are speculations that the water will rise to flood levels. Kenai Peninsula residents are asked to report the… Read more Alaska River overflowed

In the South of Russia and Ukraine expected heavy downpours and tornadoes

Atmospheric situation in South-East Europe, contributed to a sharp deterioration in weather conditions in the regions of Ukraine and Russia. Last night at the West of Ukraine came out cold atmospheric front. At the same time on the North-West of the Black Sea was southern cyclone. The combination of these factors not only ends a… Read more In the South of Russia and Ukraine expected heavy downpours and tornadoes