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The ancient Romans made a cup use nanotechnology

Romans cupRoman made 1600 years ago can be an example of nanotechnology, experts say. Mysterious Cup, made of diachronic glass, capable of changing color from green to red, depending on the lighting.

When creating a bowl, which is exhibited in the British Museum in London, were used technology that is now called nanotechnology – controlled manipulation of materials at atomic and molecular level.

These technologies, according to scientists, can be used in a variety of fields – from diagnosis to detect bombs at airports.

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Nanotechnology in the wild

The most striking work of nature the fruit of African Polly do without bright blue pigment and its color must nanoparticles: they reflect light well-defined wavelengths.

Most of the flowers in nature the result of pigments. Large biological molecules contain so-called chromospheres groups that selectively absorb certain wavelengths. The wavelength of light determines its color (white light of the sun is a mixture of all wavelengths). Accordingly, a plant (or animal) gets the color complementary to the absorption. However, the color may occur in a different way not at the molecular level, but at the micro level, as a result of the features of the substance. “Structural color” has a peacock and some insects. Read the rest of this entry »

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