Dispelling the myths of medieval armor

armorPerhaps the mention of medieval armor in the imagination of each of us there is about the image: However, this is just a rough and primitive attempt to create an understanding of the real armor, because of what a lot of people and there is a false picture of knightly armor of the time – a kind of unwieldy, cumbersome and terribly uncomfortable protection. Here’s more like it: This beautifully crafted by acid etching solution late medieval suit of armor is not so much like a heavy armor, but still gives the impression of a bulky and uncomfortable armor. Continue reading “Dispelling the myths of medieval armor”

Somnambulism- Myths and Realities

Professor Antonio Zandra and colleagues from the University of Montreal reviewed the work of somnambulism, made over the past fifteen years, and came to the conclusion that some understanding of this intriguing disorder sleep no more than a myth.
For example, it is believed that somnambulism affects only children 6-12 years, and the cases in which this disorder manifests itself in adults – a rare exception. Continue reading “Somnambulism- Myths and Realities”

The memory is recorded in legends and myths

oceanThe tradition of a great flood, as explained in the Bible, is also shared by the Sumerian traditions, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, in different cultures of the Mediterranean, and American cultures in the India and China. The stories of a great flood and survival, by building a ship, of people chosen by the gods, spread to Asia through the great caravan routes. But it is difficult to explain the similarity between the ancient Celtic legends and Norwegian. Even more difficult to explain that the American Indians of the New World have their own legends about the flood, which states that their salvation was due to their new land came sailing from the East.
Hence, by studying these legends, there is a clear and surprising fact: all cultures seem to tell the same story. It is natural that the Mediterranean peoples have preserved a tradition about a common disaster, but how the Indians would have reached the American continents to know and have almost identical captions? Continue reading “The memory is recorded in legends and myths”

Alien genome-The ancient myths of human creation

One can endlessly discuss topics related to urology as the existence of the famous secret area of the USA, for, according to some, to study objects flying saucers and aliens, known as el equally famous name Area 51, or the famous alleged UFO crash at Roswell, or removal of various phenomena (abduction) or animal mutilations, or area of particular risk such as the Bermuda Triangle, or aliens who seek contact and their alter ego, the men in black. Of course all would be using photographic and video evidence more or less realistic, personal testimonies, visual reports, and documents of doubtful origin: all accompanied the skeptical smile and denigrating those who do not believe in the existence of this problematic, or at least, denies its existence a priori, just to annoy.
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History has become myths

mythsThis work represents a unique attempt to combine into a single picture of the myths of most ancient civilizations, history of the first royal dynasties of Sumer and Egypt, and some ancient historical documents, the information obtained from the works of ancient writers, and the Bible, taking the chronological framework referred to in her event. This method eliminates many of the “dark” spots in the history of mankind.
The veil of mythical gods and heroes are hiding very historical characters, considered that the basis of myths serves the story, dressed in fantastic images.
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Session Revelations: 10 raspostrannennyh “SCIENCE” THE MYTHS

RevelationsThe American magazine “Living Science” published the views of scientists on the most popular “scientific” myths. Session revelations showed that the majority of myths – that the myths, ie errors. But some are more viable and stood the test of a scalpel, ruler, thermometer and stopwatch.
1. In space, no gravity
Very strange myth, which could occur only among the most simple-minded citizens – by the way, the magazine did not mention which countries and societies arose the myth that there is no gravity in space. Why, then, the Earth does not fly away from the Sun and the Moon – from the Earth? Apparently, the myth arose because of observations of weightlessness inside the spacecraft, but in reality, and astronauts, and all subjects in these devices regularly fall to Earth. But flying around the planet in the horizontal direction, and this fall unnoticed.
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