Fall of the Minoans

the MinoansThe Minoans are best known for the myth of theses and the Minotaur, but is in fact the disappearance of this civilization that once was great what is more interesting. While many historians concentrate on the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Minoans, who resided on the island of Crete, is an equal if not greater mystery. Three and half years ago the island was rocked by a huge volcanic eruption on the island of There decimal. Archaeologists unearthed tablets which have shown that the Minoans lived another 50 years after the eruption, and finally disappeared.

Myth or reality giants.

mythAll new truths-they begin as heresies and end as superstition. The Sao were so large that their bows were built with palm trunks and their whole bowls resembled large funerary jars, they could hold two men sat. They caught without a net, blocking the rivers of their hands they hippos took an unarmed when they spoke their voices thundered like the growl of thunder … e they had white skin..
This could be the text of a story to tell to children near a fireplace, in the evenings cold and ice of winter when you can not leave the house, or simply the viaticum to lull children have trouble sleeping, as have generations of parents, sitting on one side of the bed of their children, armed with a book of fables or just with their own imagination.
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Scientists dispelled the myth of the existence of the soul

heartThe phenomenon of “life after death. They tried to give a logical explanation as to why some people survived clinical death, claim that their soul leaves the body. However, many saw the story of his life, visited the tunnel with light at the end, and some even talked with God!

The results showed that all descriptions of “seen” in a state of clinical death is not nothing but a hallucination caused by the withering away of brain cells.

In clinical death, the brain ceases to be supplied with oxygen, and accordingly, the neurons begin to die. During cell death in the brain is changing neural connections that are often accompanied by the appearance of old memories and hallucinations. In other words, a man sees what he wants to see. And who else but God, we want to see in this difficult hour for us?
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