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Mystic whirling dervishes dance

DanceThe world of dance. Sema – the dance of whirling dervishes can be seen every year in the Turkish city of Konya. The festival is held there whirling dervishes from tenth on December 17. Thousands of tourists flock to this colorful spectacle. Apart from these, and thousands of pilgrims arrive. Sam is not just bright and ancient dance, this religious-mystical ritual intended to open the road from the hearts of the participants directly to God.

Not right away people who joined a religious way dervish allowed to participate in the dance. Dervishes – is a kind of Christian monastic orders. They preach poverty and asceticism. But there are important differences from the Christian monks. Dervish can marry, can keep house and do a craft. If he is not poor, it is obliged to compensate for this “sin” wide hospitality and hospitality to their fellow human beings.
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Mystic satellite dishes

satellite dishesTelevision master Sergei natives then starozhilka home for the former Znamenskaia Street (now St.. Rebellion) Daria V. Pirogov.

Sergei Vykhodtsev now 25 years old, he served in the emergency radio air defense forces, working in the company for installation of spherical antenna “Cosmovision” and is going to become in the near future husband granddaughter Daria Vasilevny, very pretty female students of the Textile Institute Vera.

Actually, Sergei wanted to do a pre-wedding gift-connect the TV to the family Pirogovy highly modern multi-channel antenna.
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Mystic hunting – the princely privilege..

Mystic, huntingWooded and boggy Forest on the edge of the left bank of the steppe was in ancient times fabulously rich in wild animals.

The first royal beast of our forests – a mammoth. All Siverschina – ance ancient hunting mammoths. There are 15 000 years ago there were religious temples in honor of the Palaeolithic mammoth (Mezin, Kanev). Hunting for a mammoth first brought people a lot of meat, hides, bones, gave impetus to the development of production.

The second king of our land in ancient times – a tour, the legendary Tour – golden horns. Beautiful and strong animal. It was believed that the Tours force second only to elephants.
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