Oak Mystery Island: Part II

Oak Mystery IslandWhat hides in Oak Island? Pirate treasure or treasure of the Vikings? Ancient fortress or lost biblical relic? Nobody knows, but those who have tried to learn a fiasco. He who hid the treasure on the island, tried to glory: to get to the bottom of the shaft is not possible, because any hole immediately filled with sea water of covert channels, obviously dug specifically.

Well, dubbed Spur 10 X», situated two hundred feet to the northeast of the money of mine. It was first drilled in October 1969. Then its diameter does not exceed 15 centimeters. Why Blankenship interested in it – it’s hard to say, probably helped biographical knowledge of the island. Continue reading “Oak Mystery Island: Part II”

Oak Mystery Island

Oak Mystery IslandOff the coast of Nova Scotia is a small island that holds a great secret. In the XVIII century, people have noticed that at night the island is lit strange light, but those who went to find out what the light did not come back. A little later, two boys found on the island of strange hole – the entrance to a mine buried in the ground. This discovery marked the beginning of a fever kladoskatelstva, which was attended by such famous people as Franklin Roosevelt and John Wayne.

Daniel McGinnis had not read pirated novels for two reasons. First, the court was in 1795, and at Stevenson, Conrad and Captain Marietta has not yet come, and secondly, why the book, if there is something pozanimatelnee example, old stories about living corsairs – Captain Kidd, Blackbeard , Edward Davis and many, many others. Continue reading “Oak Mystery Island”

Ancient mystery of Tiwanaku

mysteriousTiwanaku lies high in the mountains, however, found in its territory ruins of a large pot, seashells, pictures of flying fish and skeletons of marine animals, suggest that once the city was close enough to the sea or even located on its shore.

And recently, at the bottom of Lake Titicaca, researchers found the remains of buildings, paved roads and more than a kilometer long wall, built of huge stone blocks. According to Professor Ruben Vela of Tiwanaku Archaeological Institute found ruins – riverside temple where committed burial biggies. Continue reading “Ancient mystery of Tiwanaku”

Boeing disappearance off the coast of Vietnam called mystical mystery

777Rescuers who are searching for the missing in the South China Sea Boeing-777-200 flight MH370, again failed to find the wreckage of the liner with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. Last hours all hope searchers were associated with yellow object drifting near extinction liner. It was assumed that it could be a life raft.

However, aiming at checking Vietnamese helicopter shattered those hopes. This is the third since the beginning of the false discovery searches. Previously discovered two large oil stains on the surface, and elsewhere – a possible fragment of the aircraft actually had no relation to the missing Boeing, experts believe. Continue reading “Boeing disappearance off the coast of Vietnam called mystical mystery”

Geological mystery blueberries on Mars is not yet solved

geological mysterySeveral years ago, the rover Opportunity found on the surface of the Red Planet’s Endeavour crater near the strange balls that later scientists and townsfolk dubbed blueberries. They were so similar to those of wild berries. The shell they seem crispy and soft insides.

They have different concentrations, different structures, different composition and distribution on the surface. Overall, appeared in front of us curious geological mystery – says Steve Squires , one of the leading researchers Mission Opportunity. Continue reading “Geological mystery blueberries on Mars is not yet solved”

The mystery of Dyatlov Pass

Dyatlov PassAmerican researcher who spent studying circumstances mysterious death of a tour group Dyatlova five years, says guessed the causes of the tragedy that occurred on the night of 1 to 2 February 1959.

55 years ago, nine skiers who are members of the tourist club Ural Polytechnic Institute, strode to his goal – Vijay village in the north of the Sverdlovsk region.  Continue reading “The mystery of Dyatlov Pass”

Mystery pictures with the spirits of the American William Mamlera

picturesAmerican William Mamler in 1860 started the production of photographs in which the background could be seen spirits. His lab did not know lack of customers. In 1869, he tried to stand trial for fraud, but failed to show how photo hoaxes.

Mamler ill with schizophrenia and took with him to the grave the secrets. 1860 – this is the worst time in the history of the United States, hundreds of thousands killed in the Civil War. The country blooms spiritualism craze when relatives of dead soldiers trying to evoke their spirit. Boston engraver William Mamler time to realize what the main trend of the times, and made it a good capital. Continue reading “Mystery pictures with the spirits of the American William Mamlera”

The mystery of the ancient complex of the Great Zimbabwe

Ancient ZimbabweGreat Zimbabwe – the main sanctuary and the cult center of ancestors of the Shona, a World Heritage Site. Great Zimbabwe – the only ancient group of stone buildings in all of Africa south of the Sahara. Until now, archaeologists argue about who built this city and can not come to a consensus. centuries, the mystery of the ancient buildings of the complex sub-Saharan Africa is haunted by historians and archaeologists.

Trying to determine the origin of Great Zimbabwe, the researchers found his connection with the biblical characters – King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Advanced civilizations existed in Africa before the arrival of Arab traders who settled here in the XI century. Continue reading “The mystery of the ancient complex of the Great Zimbabwe”

The mystery of the crash Levanevskogo close to unraveling

the crash Alaska in search of a missing aircraft in 1937, DB-A , has completed work on the site due to changes in weather conditions , according to The Republic. The group hopes to continue the quest for the next year. The expedition was organized by the Geographical Society , reports The Republic. Her goal – to find the remains of the crew and the fragments of the plane H- 209, which flew from Moscow August 12, 1937 . It was planned that the crew under the command of the pilot Sigismund Levanevskogo cross the North Pole , will land in the city of Fairbanks , Alaska , Continue reading “The mystery of the crash Levanevskogo close to unraveling”

Tunguska, the mystery continues

Mysterious frequent The June 30, 1908, Eastern Siberia was affected by an explosion 2,000 times greater than the nuclear bomb that destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945, destroying 2,200 tetragon kilometers of Siberian taiga and millions of vegetation.The damage was enormous, a fireball as bright as the sun was seen streak across the sky, and observer heard 300 miles away deafening explosions.
The trees were flattened in a radial pattern over an area of 850 square kilometers; seismic vibrations were recorded by instruments to 900 miles gone. Fire lasting weeks. Continue reading “Tunguska, the mystery continues”