Arctic cradle of humanity?

 Arctic cradleIn Avesta it said that once there was a land where the mountain range stretches from west to east. This country has been a mild climate, abundant food, and locals believed that their homeland is the Big Dipper … There is reason to believe that it was the Arctic, which, according to many researchers, is the cradle of humanity.

The end of the Golden Age

The Golden Age was stopped abrupt climate change. In Avesta mentions that the river rose, and the snow began to sting like a bee white. Continue reading “Arctic cradle of humanity?”

Underground nuclear reactor there?

Earth nuclearResearchers of the Earth are not so many ways to look inside our own planet. Kola ultradeep well was drilled to a depth of a little over 12 kilometers, which is negligible compared to the radius of the Earth, which is about 6000 kilometers. Much more data has been received from seismic surveys. Changes in the speed and direction of the waves arising from earthquakes, have revealed the boundaries of zones with different physical properties. It has been found that in the center of the Earth is a solid core radius of about 1200 kilometers, surrounded by a layer of liquid material, a thickness of about 2300 kilometers. Continue reading “Underground nuclear reactor there?”

Scientists have found in the language of the universal code

universalLinguistic games developed by teachers of the University of California overturned the key theory of language development. It turns out that, coming up with names of various objects and concepts, people guided by certain principles, not take the words out of nowhere. Modern linguists study languages ​​in detail, but the way it has evolved, our, remains largely a mystery: How do we decide which one to use for a variety of sounds of words?

Experimental game showed that people inventing words that could use quality, pitch and volume of sounds, for example, to describe the size of the subject and the distance. For years, leading linguists believed that the sounds that we use of words, no eigenvalues. Continue reading “Scientists have found in the language of the universal code”

In Yellowstone land may burn up to 70 degrees

YellowstonePolice blocked several roads in the area of ​​Upper Terraces of Yellowstone National Park. Officially it announced that it is due to overheating of the earth. The Temperature at dangerous places reaches 70 degrees. Roads are blocked and near the Great Hot Springs due to the fact that the thermal outputs damaged the roadbed.  According to the park geologist Hank Heslera, abnormal heat in the region came to the surface. Two drilled a sampling half-meter hole once filled with boiling water.

Ancient Indian Harappan civilization

indian civilizationAmong the scientists it was fairly widely spread opinion about the late appearance of civilization in India. Some of them believed that it brought outside the Aryan tribes. Often expressed the point of view of the isolation of the ancient Indian culture, its backwardness in comparison with the cultures of other countries of the ancient East. The discovery and study of Harappan civilization were clear proof of the antiquity of ancient Indian culture and identity.

Even in 1875, English archaeologist A. Kanin-ghem found in Harappa (modern Pakistan, District of Montgomery, West Punjab) with an unknown print-pad tshsyu but scientific excavations only a stitch in the 20s of XX century. Indian archaeologists R. Sahni and RD Baierdzhi discovered the ancient city of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro (modern Pakistan, Larkhana District, Sindh). Since then, the problem of this civilization are the center of attention of historians and archaeologists claim many countries. Continue reading “Ancient Indian Harappan civilization”

India during the period of the Stone Age

IndiaIn India, it was born one of the world’s oldest civilizations – are highly developed culture that had a profound influence on the subsequent development of the country, the culture of many peoples of the East, Central and Southeast Asia, the Far East. Archaeological data show that India was inhabited in ancient times, and some anthropologists consider India as one of the possible areas, where the process humanization of a monkey. In many parts of the country found the stone tools of the Lower Paleolithic.

Independently of each other as if having two centers nizhnepaleoliticheskoy culture: in the north – the culture of Sawan (Indus Valley, modern Pakistan) and in the south, in the Deccan, – the so-called culture of Madras. These Paleolithic site located on the banks of the river, where there were more favorable conditions for human habitation. The first such park was opened in 1863 near Madras, so tools that are typical of the Lower Paleolithic South India – hand-axes became known as Madras-mi. Continue reading “India during the period of the Stone Age”

Aliens in the ocean

AliensIt was recently caught a strange creature, very similar to the character of sci-fi movie Alien – a strange bubble with huge teeth. There is speculation that it is a fish of the family Atlantic – deep-sea fish. Why did she swam in shallow, clear. Atlantic terrible and unusual in all – in appearance, lifestyle, in its development

Along with a deep-sea angler Atlantic fish and swim at depths of 500 to 2000 meters. Habitats are tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and India,n oceans. This is a small fish with a serpentine body. The length of the females can reach half a meter, and the males are much smaller than females – 7 centimeters. Continue reading “Aliens in the ocean”

In ancient mummy found modern orthopedic pin!

 mummyA unique discovery made by American scientists in the analysis of ancient Egyptian mummies. The discovery was made during routine DNA analysis, which was conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University in the US.

They examined the mummy of an unknown man, who died about three thousand years ago. His knee was discovered metallic orthopedic pin length of 23 centimeters. It countersigned bone and is held by the organic resin. Scientists have found that during the life of the man was made a major surgical procedure. Pin ancient physicians installed in the same way as it would do their counterparts today.

And the operation was performed so skillfully that left no trace. Continue reading “In ancient mummy found modern orthopedic pin!”

Mystery cards of two Columbia America

CardsIt is alleged that this map was made in 1763 as a copy of another map, created in 1418 – at a time when a prominent Chinese navigator Zheng He made a voyage around the world with a fleet of 300 timber ships. The ancient Chinese map, once again calls into question the primacy of Columbus in the discovery of America and that Chinese collector Liu Gang bought in 2001 in an antique shop in Shanghai for five hundred dollars.

The map is dated 1763 year, but has the inscription: Card this very painted Mo Yi Tong, a subject of the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Gong Li in 1763 on the original map in 1418! It is 74 years before the arrival of Columbus in the New World, but the map on the Chinese have shown the Americas. And both coasts – and Western and east.Once again surfaced heated debate about who should be considered the discoverer of America. Continue reading “Mystery cards of two Columbia America”

Mystery Mummies Wood Thai people

 MummiesThese mummies kept in the temple Wat Phrapangmuni Temple, not far from Sin Buri, north of Bangkok, Thailand. The bodies of two unidentified creatures in a glass store cancer located in the building of the temple. Ministers insist that it is – the body of fairies, creatures from Buddhist mythology. One myth tells of a magic tree, which brought fruit instead of tiny creatures are female.

Thai Wood People – a small humanoid creature that grows on a certain tree in the forest Himmaphan Thailand. Legend says that they grow from the stem attached to their heads. They have long arms and legs, and live only for seven days. Continue reading “Mystery Mummies Wood Thai people”