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From space typhoon Mask looks like a black hole

 spaceThe astronauts who live and work on the International Space Station, a huge typhoon watch Mask heads towards the Philippines.

From a distance of more than 320 kilometers from the Earth typhoon Maisak reminds matter around the black hole. This is the biggest typhoon of all those that I have ever seen. He looks like a black hole from a science fiction film, wrote in his Twitter astronaut Terry Virts. According to NASA, the epicenter of the storm stretches for 27 kilometers. Waits and his fellow astronauts have published pictures of the typhoon. If Maisak not change its course, it is expected this weekend typhoon hit the Philippines. Read the rest of this entry »

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DNA skulls Paracas shocked scientists we are in the universe are not alone

DNAIn 1928, on the southern coast of Peru, in the desert of Paracas, an archaeologist Julio Tello made a startling discovery Mysterious.

The researchers found a huge burial ground with a complex structure, where lay the remains of the most unusual, ever seen scientists.The skull of the dead is not enough that were unusually large, so also had an unusual elongated shape. Paracas skull a challenge existing theories about human evolution In total Tello discovered more than three hundred skulls, whose age was estimated at about Mysterious three thousand years. For the analysis of their DNA, the researchers took recently, and the results were more than surprising. Read the rest of this entry »

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In the distant past the Moon erupted supervolcanoe

MoonJack Wilson of the University of Durham in the UK and his colleagues found that in the past eruptions on the moon have been widespread in nature.

Scientists studied the underground structure of the satellite and terrain near the volcanic complex Compton  Belkovicha located at the north pole on the mysterious invisible side of the moon. Earlier probe Lunar Prospector revealed signs in the area of active volcanism abnormally high concentrations of radioactive thorium. The research team decided to treat the distribution map of thorium with Lunar Prospector using algorithms for processing images of distant galaxies. This has improved the quality of the card, as well as information about the mysterious history of the volcano. Its eruption in ancient times covered an area of about 70,000 square kilometers (the size of a small European country), according to “RIA Novosti”. This scale spread of magma and ash associated with low gravity and the rarefied atmosphere of the moon. Read the rest of this entry »

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Stem cells will be grown in space

space300 thousand dollars will be spent on research and confirmation of the possibility of growing on board the International Space Station of human stem cells.

Abba Zubair  the head of a new project, expressed pride in the fact that the first experiments with stem cells in space to trust him and researchers from his laboratory cell therapy that works at the Mayo Clinic. Thus, according to some experts, weightlessness contributes to their faster growth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mysterious white spots on Ceres found a possible explanation

MysteriousPlanetary scientists have found a possible explanation of the nature of white spots on the surface of Ceres, and observed the telescope Hubble space probe Dawn. About this planetary scientists reported at the Conference on lunar and planetary mysterious sciences at Texas.

Scientists have concluded that the spectral characteristics of the radiation suggests that the spots mysterious formed ice. Probably, they are struck by the action of the sunlight emit water vapor. This mechanism resembles that of a comet, which under the action of light is emitted into the environment its matter. The heaviest object in the asteroid belt is about a third of ice. Read the rest of this entry »

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Scientists first identified the effects of love on the brain

brainThe team of Chinese and American scientists presented the first study of how love changes the human brain. His study, they published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, and the short of it reports The Telegraph.

Creating a live map of the brain, neuroscientists have used the method of magnetic resonance imaging. To do this, they collected a hundred volunteer students and students of Southwestern University (Chongqing, China). They were divided into three groups all those who at the time of the study was in love. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mitsubishi has developed a solar power station in space

 solarImagine the power in space. A world in which all electrical devices and appliances in the world are working from a stable cosmic radiation. It sounds like science fiction, but soon it could become a reality thanks to the efforts of Japanese scientists.

Mitsubishi has announced that she was able to transmit 10 kW of microwave energy at a distance of 500 meters in the air. Cosmic energy converted into electricity was used to power the LED lights on the Earth.Tough competition for traditional energy resources has forced many countries to look for alternative sources of energy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Homo sapiens populated forests of Sri Lanka for another 20 thousand years ago

HomoHomo sapiens lived in the rainforest on the 12 th. Years earlier than expected. However are reasons to believe that the development of the people of tropical forests could happen 45 thousand. Years ago. Answer the question, when modern humans began to explore rainforests and settle in them, helped finds made in Sri Lanka. In this case, the earliest hominids settlements discovered on the island – 300 thousand. Years. And here are the first representatives of Homo sapiens appeared in Sri Lanka about 34 thousand. Years ago – that date back to the era of the anatomically modern human remains from Balagondy people out of the cave and the Fa-Hien. These people lived primarily on the plains, where the burned forest for hunting wild animals. Read the rest of this entry »

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Archaeological found 200 people under the basements of Parisian

Archaeological found 200of ParisianArchaeologists from the National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research found the skeletal remains of more than 200 people under the basements of Parisian supermarket. Scientists conducting archaeological research there before the next building.

The Find did not surprise to archaeologists, since it is known that the store was built on the site of the cemetery of  the Hospital of the Holy Trinity.Cemetery actively used the XII and XVII century and was destroyed at the end of the XVIII century.

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Archaeologists have found the house where Jesus grew up

Archaeologists have found the houseBritish archaeologists working in the Israeli city of Nazareth, finished exploring the area where, in their opinion, spent the first years of life, Jesus Christ. As a result of complex excavations, which lasted almost nine years, scientists have been able to find a house where probably grew Savior.About where should look for home of Mary and Joseph, various researchers wrote in the late XIX century, but until 2006 to test their assumption no one dared. British scientist Ken Dark at the University of Reading, published in the latest issue of the journal Biblical Archeology Review article on the search for the house of Jesus, providing publishing photographs from the scene recently completed excavations. Read the rest of this entry »

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