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NASA publishes new images of Ceres

NASADuring his approach the Ceres spacecraft ,NASA Dawn made stunning pictures of this interesting dwarf planet.

Images obtained by Dawn, showed the presence of numerous craters and unusual bright spots that gave hope to scientists to eventually view on not only how Ceres formed, but also about the early history of the solar system as well.In this ion thrusters of the spacecraft is not much more pressure than the weight of a piece of paper, so when entering the orbit of the planet, dwarf any external mechanical factors affecting the quality of the images was not.

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MESSENGER probe sent new images of Mercury

MESSENGERMESSENGER also better understand the mysterious hollows on the surface of Mercury, first discovered in 2011.

The strange bright areas in some craters appeared deep holes of irregular shape. They are younger than the vast majority of other geological formations on Mercury.Apparently, the planet is going through some changes, the nature of which is not yet clear. Long ranges of Mercury have a smaller versions of scattered over the entire surface of the planet The new data will help to explore the main “attraction” Mercury long ridges and ledges that cover most of the planet‘s surface. The larger ones can last for hundreds of kilometers.Probably, they were formed in the process of long-term cooling of the planet

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Can the sun hiding another planet

Can the sun hiding another planetMore recently, scientists have discovered that the red dwarf star, accompanied by a smaller brown dwarf passed through the Oort cloud surrounding the solar system at a distance of 8 trillion. Only 70 kilometers of thousands of years ago. The star was named after its discoverer Ralf-Dieter Scholz. At first it seemed that the discovery confirmed the theory put forward in 1984 by an employee of UC Berkeley Richard Muller, claiming that the companion star, called Nemesis, revolving around the sun at a distance, is the cause of mass extinctions on Earth, which occur every 27 million. Read the rest of this entry »

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Double planet

twin earthDouble planets like to Earth in size, which revolve around each other, there may be near distant stars, the researchers say. Most of the planets in our system have their own satellites. Our neighbors such as Saturn and Jupiter, for example, have more than seventy satellites.

Without looking at it, these satellites are generally much smaller than their planet – Earth almost four times bigger than its satellite, and more than eighty times heavier. Read the rest of this entry »

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An Unknown planet near the Sun

planet near the SunThe sun is visible next to another planet. By using a filter to decrease the brightness of sunlight, which would eliminate the possibility of glare.

As you know, there is a theory about Planet X and the fact that it was already close to the sun. Its orbital period is that every 188 days, it is close to the Earth as close. Read the rest of this entry »

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