Underground nuclear reactor there?

Earth nuclearResearchers of the Earth are not so many ways to look inside our own planet. Kola ultradeep well was drilled to a depth of a little over 12 kilometers, which is negligible compared to the radius of the Earth, which is about 6000 kilometers. Much more data has been received from seismic surveys. Changes in the speed and direction of the waves arising from earthquakes, have revealed the boundaries of zones with different physical properties. It has been found that in the center of the Earth is a solid core radius of about 1200 kilometers, surrounded by a layer of liquid material, a thickness of about 2300 kilometers. Continue reading “Underground nuclear reactor there?”

Scientists have found in the language of the universal code

universalLinguistic games developed by teachers of the University of California overturned the key theory of language development. It turns out that, coming up with names of various objects and concepts, people guided by certain principles, not take the words out of nowhere. Modern linguists study languages ​​in detail, but the way it has evolved, our, remains largely a mystery: How do we decide which one to use for a variety of sounds of words?

Experimental game showed that people inventing words that could use quality, pitch and volume of sounds, for example, to describe the size of the subject and the distance. For years, leading linguists believed that the sounds that we use of words, no eigenvalues. Continue reading “Scientists have found in the language of the universal code”

In Yellowstone land may burn up to 70 degrees

YellowstonePolice blocked several roads in the area of ​​Upper Terraces of Yellowstone National Park. Officially it announced that it is due to overheating of the earth. The Temperature at dangerous places reaches 70 degrees. Roads are blocked and near the Great Hot Springs due to the fact that the thermal outputs damaged the roadbed.  According to the park geologist Hank Heslera, abnormal heat in the region came to the surface. Two drilled a sampling half-meter hole once filled with boiling water.

Mental traps of our mind

Mental traps Mental traps – a long established and the usual ways in which painful and ineffectual moves our thought, burning incredible amounts of our time, sucking the energy and without creating any value either for ourselves or for someone else.

Perseverance: The first of the mental traps. Not to be confused with stubbornness stubbornness. The gist of it is that we continue the work which is doomed to failure or the former gives us pleasure. We do what we have long been irrelevant, and we cannot stop, because we must finish, or Well, do not throw out. Stupid waste of their time and effort.

Amplification: This mental trap in which we find ourselves, when put into the goal of more effort than necessary, as if trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer – perfectionism. Continue reading “Mental traps of our mind”

Race To The Moon

MoonThe two teams participating in the contest rovers Google Lunar X Prize declared their purpose to join forces and send their devices to the moon by the end of 2016. Immediately after landing three moonwalker (American and two Japanese) will begin the race at 500 meters, translating their movements to Earth in HD-video. On the plan according to a company press release Astrobotic.

In December 2014 Astrobotic announced that he was going to throw your unit on board the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX. Flight of a rocket from Cape Canaveral at the end of 2016. In February 2015, the Japanese firm has granted with HAKUTO Astrobotic about to take on board and its rovers – Moonraker and Tetris. Continue reading “Race To The Moon”

How is the travel permit to Poland?

NewsEvery year the amount of Ukrainian citizens who want to visit Poland is gradually increasing. At the same time, they have a quite a lot of issues related to with how the travel permit to Poland.

To date, get a visa to the Republic of Poland in two ways: using the services of firms for whom the issue of visas to foreign countries is one of the activities, and its own, which will allow to save a considerable branch of the funds. Continue reading “How is the travel permit to Poland?”

Cities are changing track of evolution

mysteriousCities in a certain way influenced the ecosystem and even changed the track of evolution. Scientists have found that evolutionary changes began to occur quicker than previously thought. The ecosystem is changing before our eyes. Spiders in the cities become larger and salmon in the rivers – less. This fish is capable to live in both salt and fresh waters.

Urban birds bolder. A new study by Marina Alberti, University of Washington shows that the pressure of human civilization on the ecosystem can have important consequences for the environment and eventually the man himself. Continue reading “Cities are changing track of evolution”

Haiku -lestnitsa in heaven

mysteriousThe well-known trail Haiku, Hawaii is also known as the stairway to heaven. This is the most attractive and spectacular hiking trail is located on the island of Oahu. If you look below, you can see how the ladder step by step disappears into the clouds, which gives it a mysterious and enigmatic. Part of the route runs through a thick fog, which creates an indescribable feeling of walking in the sky.

Begin of the trail is attached to the cliff on the southern side of the valley wooden staircase. It consists of 3922 levels, rising to a height of 850m to the top of the ridge Koolau, and then descend into the valley Vahiava. Continue reading “Haiku -lestnitsa in heaven”

The mysterious of the Trojan War

Trojan WarOne of the biggest mysteries that has faced Western culture is whether the facts narrated in the epic poem The Iliad, written by Homer, have some historical substrate or are pure fantasy.

Speculation exposed by analyzing the theories proposed topic for everyone, from those who believe it is obviously a heroic epic about a historical fact to those who say it could even be the city of Troy.

The story is well known. The games of the gods with human cause Helena, wife of King Agamemnon, Prince fall in love Paris, leading her to his kingdom. Continue reading “The mysterious of the Trojan War”

Samples of earth began to take water from space

mysterious#Novel techniques for monitoring of ocean acidification by satellites are revolutionizing the way the study of the oceans. Work submitted for publication in the scientific journal Environmental Science and Technology, describes the remote monitoring of the vast and unreachable areas of the ocean from a height of about 700 kilometers above the Earth.

#Each year, more than a quarter of global carbon dioxides emissions from vestige fuel combustion and cement production fall in the world’s oceans. Sea water is oxidized. Climate change has a negative crash on marine life.Scientists estimate that the increase in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and seawater acidification over the next century could destroy some marine ecosystems, Continue reading “Samples of earth began to take water from space”