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Mysterious Eternal book

Mysterious Eternal bookResearchers have discovered an entirely new book of prophecies, which very accurately indicates the date of the upcoming event. They are painted not only by years, but by day. Moreover, this book contains predictions to 6323, that is until the seventh millennium. Author of the book – a little-known monk from Florence.

A small provincial town of Assisi, located in the south of Italy, and is considered one of the most beautiful on the planet. But the main attraction of the city – the ancient monastery of St. Francis. It was built in the XIII century, and today it is visited every day by thousands of tourists. But only six centuries ago here, there were only a select few. Franciscan monks lived in the monastery. In 1333 in Assisi, the plague, from which killed all the monks. For several centuries the church was abandoned, but in 1970 the Italian authorities decided to reconstruct the ancient architectural monuments. Construction work was carried out within two years. When they were coming to an end, in 1972, builders have found a hiding place. He was behind the masonry of one of the walls of the monastery. Read the rest of this entry »

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