Underground nuclear reactor there?

Earth nuclearResearchers of the Earth are not so many ways to look inside our own planet. Kola ultradeep well was drilled to a depth of a little over 12 kilometers, which is negligible compared to the radius of the Earth, which is about 6000 kilometers. Much more data has been received from seismic surveys. Changes in the speed and direction of the waves arising from earthquakes, have revealed the boundaries of zones with different physical properties. It has been found that in the center of the Earth is a solid core radius of about 1200 kilometers, surrounded by a layer of liquid material, a thickness of about 2300 kilometers. Continue reading “Underground nuclear reactor there?”

Scientists have found in the language of the universal code

universalLinguistic games developed by teachers of the University of California overturned the key theory of language development. It turns out that, coming up with names of various objects and concepts, people guided by certain principles, not take the words out of nowhere. Modern linguists study languages ​​in detail, but the way it has evolved, our, remains largely a mystery: How do we decide which one to use for a variety of sounds of words?

Experimental game showed that people inventing words that could use quality, pitch and volume of sounds, for example, to describe the size of the subject and the distance. For years, leading linguists believed that the sounds that we use of words, no eigenvalues. Continue reading “Scientists have found in the language of the universal code”

In Yellowstone land may burn up to 70 degrees

YellowstonePolice blocked several roads in the area of ​​Upper Terraces of Yellowstone National Park. Officially it announced that it is due to overheating of the earth. The Temperature at dangerous places reaches 70 degrees. Roads are blocked and near the Great Hot Springs due to the fact that the thermal outputs damaged the roadbed.  According to the park geologist Hank Heslera, abnormal heat in the region came to the surface. Two drilled a sampling half-meter hole once filled with boiling water.

Mitsubishi has developed a solar power station in space

 solarImagine the power in space. A world in which all electrical devices and appliances in the world are working from a stable cosmic radiation. It sounds like science fiction, but soon it could become a reality thanks to the efforts of Japanese scientists.

Mitsubishi has announced that she was able to transmit 10 kW of microwave energy at a distance of 500 meters in the air. Cosmic energy converted into electricity was used to power the LED lights on the Earth.Tough competition for traditional energy resources has forced many countries to look for alternative sources of energy. Continue reading “Mitsubishi has developed a solar power station in space”

Earth seas are home to nearly 228.5 thousand Different kinds of living organisms

EarthThe conclusion reached by an international team of scientists involved in drawing up the so-called World register of marine species by comparative analysis and consolidation of relevant databases available in different countries. As announced in the US representatives of the study, which is attended by scientists, including from Russia, it was found that 190 thousand. 400 naming hitherto known species are, according to all available data, the different names of the same marine living organisms. Absolute champion in this category was the sea slug Littorina saxatilis, which experts counted a total of 113 names. Thus, the former catalog of marine organisms, there are almost 419 thousand. Positions, experts as a result of their work, which was launched eight years ago, reduced by 45%. Continue reading “Earth seas are home to nearly 228.5 thousand Different kinds of living organisms”

Mysteries Of Nazi Germany

Mysteries GermanyAhnenerbe in German – Ancestral Heritage – one of the most mysterious organizations of Nazi Germany. The true essence of the SS  scientific community  has long been overshadowed by myths. Most of our contemporaries imagine his work in the films The Last Crusade and Ark 3aveta Hollywood saga of Indiana Jones. Or – from newspaper gossip. Truth, for example, wrote in his time that Ukraine found the burial of soldiers and officers of the SS, in which doctors from the Ahnenerbe put-death experience, trying to find their third eye and understand the psychophysical opportunities true Aryans. Continue reading “Mysteries Of Nazi Germany”

Archaeological found 200 people under the basements of Parisian

Archaeological found 200of ParisianArchaeologists from the National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research found the skeletal remains of more than 200 people under the basements of Parisian supermarket. Scientists conducting archaeological research there before the next building.

The Find did not surprise to archaeologists, since it is known that the store was built on the site of the cemetery of  the Hospital of the Holy Trinity.Cemetery actively used the XII and XVII century and was destroyed at the end of the XVIII century.

Continue reading “Archaeological found 200 people under the basements of Parisian”

Can the sun hiding another planet

Can the sun hiding another planetMore recently, scientists have discovered that the red dwarf star, accompanied by a smaller brown dwarf passed through the Oort cloud surrounding the solar system at a distance of 8 trillion. Only 70 kilometers of thousands of years ago. The star was named after its discoverer Ralf-Dieter Scholz. At first it seemed that the discovery confirmed the theory put forward in 1984 by an employee of UC Berkeley Richard Muller, claiming that the companion star, called Nemesis, revolving around the sun at a distance, is the cause of mass extinctions on Earth, which occur every 27 million. Continue reading “Can the sun hiding another planet”

In Spain, found cave paintings that 22,000 years

MysteriousCave paintings found in the Spanish region of Guipuzcoa, can be of 22 000 years. Spanish explorers (group Antxieta Jakintza Elkartea) found cave paintings in the cave Erlayts in the north, near the town of Zestoa. They were able to recognize until eight figures of animals: the horses, deer and bison. There are a few images that remain a mystery to scientists. As the expert explained Alvaro Arrisabalaga figures were made using stone tools and possibly cutter.

According to beginning estimates, found cave paintings of 22 000 to 15 000 years. And it means that they are older than the images in a well-studied Ekain cave, which is located nearby. Continue reading “In Spain, found cave paintings that 22,000 years”

Ten specifics about the moon that will surprise you

NatureWhy all the notice in our solar scheme goes to the planet? There are facts about our own moon, that we either do not know or have learned half a century ago, when on the surface of the last twelve. Other moons may contain life or prove incredibly violent events that have changed the very nature of the solar system. Some of the moon just cute as Charon. What kind of Charon, you ask?

 1. Pluto moon Charon never gets up and sits down

Pluto and its moon Charon biggest locked together in a gravitational dance, that is always turned to face each other. So what? This means that an astronaut on Pluto or Charon never see, or he will be lynching over his head all the time. Continue reading “Ten specifics about the moon that will surprise you”