The Kaddish Prayer Of Death

KaddishWhy do Jews read grieving Kaddish at the funeral? Why do Jews read Kaddish, crying at a funeral? The Kaddish prayer of death is one of the most famous prayers during and after the burial service

It is important to remember that, like Catholics, we often criticize other religions, because we pray for the deceased. It is often overlooked that Christianity not only opened one day, its roots can be found in the Jewish religion and practice of the temple. The Jewish practice of praying for the dead can be found in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Moreover, Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, came to this world as a Jew, and was raised and practiced the Jewish traditions according to 2 Mk 12: 44 because if I had not expected the fallen ones to rise, it would be futile and foolish to pray for them in death, the prayer for the resurrection of the dead was already accepted by Jewish practice. Continue reading “The Kaddish Prayer Of Death”

Mysterious have announced the imminent Apocalypse

ApocalypseNumerology brought a formula of the beast and reported on the imminent coming of the Antichrist. They derived a formula: 666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 2016.

According to the Old Testament, 666 is the number of the Beast – the Antichrist who will come the Day of Judgment. The world feared end of the world for many years, but recently the threat of the apocalypse has become very real. Continue reading “Mysterious have announced the imminent Apocalypse”

The secret of the mysterious radio Aliens

 radio aliensExperts around the world have long said that they manage to capture the unknown signals are presumably other extraterrestrial civilizations. But now scientists say that these signals are born in the depths of neutron stars in the space of complex actions, they are also called star.

A scientist at the University of Vancouver, said: Such outbreaks of rhythmic display quite similar to pulsars, but they also have differences from the permanent emission neural stars, they can be seen only once. Continue reading “The secret of the mysterious radio Aliens”

Mysterious History of Babylon

Mysterious history of BabylonThe biblical story of the grand structure. Tower of Babel still is haunted by numerous scientists who are trying to disprove any, or to prove the truth of the story.  According to the well-known legend, one day people wanted to build a tower that would reach to the sky, and it’s not like God, who as a punishment for human pride and self-confidence of people deprived of a common language.

Cease to understand each other’s builders abandoned their venture, and the place where there is a significant historical event was called Babylon, which in Aramaic means confusion. Continue reading “Mysterious History of Babylon”

Comets are able to break through the ice shell of Europe

Comets are able to break through the ice shell According to a very popular theory of organic compounds, which have become the building blocks for the first life forms were delivered to Earth by comets. But if this theory is correct, then in theory this should reduce the chances of the emergence of life in the subsurface ocean satellites of gas giants, which are securely hidden from space visitor’s kilometers of the ice shell. But judging by the results of a recent study, it is possible that the barrier is not such an insurmountable obstacle as previously thought. Continue reading “Comets are able to break through the ice shell of Europe”

Under the ice shell of Enceladus splashing vast ocean

Enceladus splashing vast oceanNew data from the spacecraft Cassini, suggests that the geologically active moon of Saturn – Enceladus – there is a continuous ocean beneath the icy crust, according to NASA. These findings researchers have analyzed the behavior of the motion of Enceladus around Saturn.

The existence of indirect evidence ocean geysers ejecting water vapor, ice particles and simple organic molecules, which Cassini discovered near the South Pole of the satellite. According to scientists, it can be assumed that the source of the geysers is a huge ocean of liquid water. Continue reading “Under the ice shell of Enceladus splashing vast ocean”

The mysterious of golden cargo Tubantiya

TubantiaIn the night from 6 to 7 March 1916 Twin-Tube Dutch steamer Tubantiya left Amsterdam and headed for Buenos Aires. In Europe, the First World War was raging, but the passengers’ Tubantii felt comfortable enough under the sea breeze fluttering the flag of neutral Holland. Nobody knew that the ship hidden secret cargo of gold … By one o’clock under the sighs of steam engines all boat except standing on duty sailors plunged into a deep sleep. Continue reading “The mysterious of golden cargo Tubantiya”

Scientific quest for immortality

ScienceSearch for the Ponce de León fountain of eternal youth may be a legend, but the basic idea – find a cure for old age – is very real.

People have been trying to crack the code of eternal youth, almost from the beginning of mankind.We tried everything we could imagine from the magical objects and an epic journey to the sacrifices and the use of blood also invented monsters that live forever, drinking blood. There was only a matter of time when science got involved in this quest Mysterious, and, you know, some real steps in this direction, she will be able to do. The Scientific quest for immortality Aging at the molecular level, it makes no sense. Our bodies are constantly creating new cells and restore our natural ability to protect, but we’re still getting old. Entropy takes the best of us, and we accept it as inevitable, although science has made a huge step forward, increasing our life expectancy. Continue reading “Scientific quest for immortality”

At what age our brain is at its peak?

 brainAccording to a recent study, the aging of the intellectual abilities has evolved different nature.

Sports writers will tell you that athletes usually reach their maximum at the age of 20, after which their physical abilities quickly taper off. Many people in our lives, for example, a career  it takes much more time to develop. As it turned out, the intellect also reaches its full bloom a little later. According to a recent study, some of the components of our intelligence Brain are at the top of that, we still learn in high school or university, while others continue to improve when we are over 40, 50 and above.The study of intelligence began a century ago with the work of the French psychologist Alfred Binet, who in the early 1900s involved in the diagnosis of pupils with learning difficulties. Continue reading “At what age our brain is at its peak?”

The universe is finite or infinite

universeThere are two options either the universe is finite and has a size or is infinite and stretches forever. Both options do you think about it.

How great is our universe? It all depends on the answer to the above questions. Astronomers tried to figure it out?Certainly tried. You could say they are obsessed with finding answers to these questions, and thanks to them we are building a sensitive search for space telescopes and satellites. Astronomers peering into the cosmic microwave background, the relic radiation left over from the Big Bang. Continue reading “The universe is finite or infinite”