Scientists have discovered what kind of music is a sense of power

Music powerAmerican scientists have conducted a series of experiments in which not only defined what music evokes a feeling of power and authority, but also found out that it was in the music activates this psychological mechanism. This is stated in an article published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

The study authors noted that many athletes before the game out on the field football or any other with headphones in their ears. Many listen to music right before the exam, interview or other important point to get the necessary motivation. Continue reading “Scientists have discovered what kind of music is a sense of power”

10 magical effects of music on the human brain

 brainAny person who can not live without music , knows what she has enormous power over our thoughts and feelings. Musical masterpieces can turn an ordinary day into a memorable one. In it you can find everything your heart desires, and peace of mind , and a lot of emotions . Besides all this magic, music can heal the disease and affect our relationships with other people. According to recent studies , pleasing to the ear sounds can help us learn to look sharper and clearer to express their thoughts , to cure diseases of the heart , to see the colors much more vivid and even see the happy faces on the street. Continue reading “10 magical effects of music on the human brain”

The impact of music on the body and the human psyc

Music and human bodyMusic can be seen as a tool of influence on human consciousness and, therefore, as a kind of psychic weapons. I would like to draw particular attention to the low frequency of repetition of sounds, so-called rhythm. New low-frequency sound wave brings with it yet another redistribution of primary matters in the area between the sound of the front. And it repeats again. Interval between the end of one of the low-frequency sound wave and when the next is crucial.

Recall that when a low-frequency sound wave front is a redistribution of primary matters and additional saturation of the astral and etheric bodies primary matter G. After passage of the sound of the front emit accumulated excess concentration of this matter astral body cells, and state of the cell is returned to the original.
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