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Mystery of Mozart’s death

Mozart deathWolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the musical wonder-child, began to give speeches for the European aristocracy and compose the first work in six years. After 30 years, at the zenith of popularity, he died after a short illness.

Even after several decades Sophie Hybl, younger sister of Mozart’s wife Constanza, well remembered the ominous prediction. On the first Sunday in December 1791 she was the kitchen preparing coffee for Mom. Before Sophie was in Vienna, visiting a sick brother-and returned home with news that he was better. Now, waiting to boil coffee, Sophie was gazing at the bright flame of the lamps and thought about her husband zanemogshem Constanta. Suddenly, the flame extinguished, “completely, as if the lamp never lit,” she later wrote. “On the wick there was not a spark, although it was not the slightest drafts – for this I can vouch for. Coerced into a terrible foreboding, she ran to her mother, who advised her to return immediately to the house of Mozart.
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