Germany mountains Shternenfels exposed pyramid

In Germany enthusiast are digging a stepped pyramid at Mount Halternecks. A group led by Walter Haug for several years has been excavated stepped pyramid at Mount Sternness. Excavation continues at the present time. According to Walter Haug, on the site where there are stones of varying quality and processing technologies from the primitive to… Read more Germany mountains Shternenfels exposed pyramid

Landscapes of mountains

The ancient cultures living in mountainous areas and narrow valleys. Terraces of rice, salt, corn farming, the method is repeated in different cultures and continents. We review the most notable examples and the incredible views that occur where the man is dedicated to carve mountains:-

Zhiguli Mountains – artificial origin?

Scientists from Samara non-governmental research organization “Avesta” was about 3 x 10-s years of study anomalous phenomena that often occur in the vicinity of the Zhiguli Mountains. Explaining to those phenomena, surprisingly, the researchers regularly find in the … local folklore. Samara Luka – sharp bend in the middle reaches of the Volga. Snapshot of… Read more Zhiguli Mountains – artificial origin?