In northern Norway collapsed mountain peak

collapsed mountainIn northern Norway, was the collapse of the mountain peaks. Pieces of rock fell by less than 100 meters from the barn in the village of Birtavarre, which keeps his goats local woman farmer Siv Nina Mirvol. I’ve lived here for 30 years, but had never seen anything like it,” – said the woman the local newspaper I Framtid Nord .

Now, according to Mirvol, she is afraid to go to their goats. “Goats need my care, but scary to live here now. Especially in the dark. I do not feel safe, “- she added. 

Mountain Dead

MountainThe first tragedy occurred February 1, 1959 On the sunny winter day on the mountain came to ascend 10 Sverdlovsk tourists by Igor Dyatlov.  All – students, but experienced travelers – everyone behind him not one campaign for Polar Urals.  One of them, Yuri Yudin, legs ached, and he returned to the village.  Vijay, where the group set off on a journey.  9 people went further: Igor Dyatlov, Zina Kolmogorov Rustem Slobodin, Yuri Doroshenko, Yuri Krivonischenko, Nicholas Thibault-Brignoles, Lyudmila Dubinin, Alexander Zolotarev, Alexander Kolevatov.  Continue reading “Mountain Dead”

Mysterious miracle mountain Nemrud Doug

miracle mountainThe eighth wonder of the world something special, worthy of attention, but for some reason was not included in the famous Seven Wonders. “Eighth Wonder of the World” – we say. And if there is a separate category of “Eight Wonders of the World,” then, of course, a Turkish mountain Nimrud Dagh is one of the most mysterious “Eight Wonders of the World.”

The town of Samosata (Samsat) was the capital is not very large, but wealthy state Commagene, which, like Peter, or Palmyra, grew and grew rich because of what was on the trade route of the Roman Empire in Asia.
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Underground secret mountain Tavros

secret mountainMore mountains are hidden in its depths some secrets. However, they all do not go to any comparison with the fact that in a few years people have built in a rocky mountain thicker Tavros that stands above the picturesque bay of Balaklava Crimea.

The name of this object may seem longish, but it exhaustively transmits its essence: “It is a secret anti-nuclear structure of the first category (ie, withstand a direct hit by a 100-kiloton nuclear bomb. – Comm.’s) Designed to cover small and medium submarines their dock repair and restoration, as well as their personnel.
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The legend of “Bear Mountain”.

Bear, MountainLegend tells of a beautiful girl who found and brought a herd of bears. The old leader fell in love with a young beautiful woman and would always leave her in the herd. But fate decided otherwise stormy waves washed ashore a young boy.

Crimean Mountains are full of hidden secrets. Many myths and legends still remain untested. On one of them and will be discussed.

Long ago, on the far shore of the Crimea occupied only by wild beasts. Chief among them is rightly considered to be the mighty Bears. Old leader managed herd and was chief for several decades. One day after a violent storm struck the canoe to shore. In the canoe lay a little girl, carefully wrapped in a white blanket. Continue reading “The legend of “Bear Mountain”.”