The world’s most mysterious manuscript

The manuscript resembles herbal manuscripts of the time period, seeming to present illustrations and information about plants and their possible uses for medicinal purposes. However, most of the plants do not match known species, and the manuscript’s script and language remain unknown and unreadable. What secret lies within and who wrote them and why? Find out more in the documentary attached below.
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The most of mysterious sea on the planet

sea mysteryBlue sea as of far-away, it seemed hostile to humans and dangerous environment. As on land, there is in it, and their abnormal zones. On land, it is, and their anomalous zones. In addition to all the long and well-known Bermuda Triangle and the Mariana Trench.

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The most harsh winter weather in the last thousand years ..

harsh winter Wintry weather in this leap year will be a severe winter in the last thousand years. The main reason for this, according to scientists from around the world – an anomalous cooling of the Gulf Stream.

Citizens living in the European part of the country expects at least five days at a temperature of -25 … -30 degrees and three days with temperatures below -30. Thus, the decade of the very low warmth of our fellow citizens is guaranteed. Even more serious cold expected north of the European part of Russia, where, according to weather forecasts, cold below -30 linger for a long time.
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The most beautiful wasteland in the world

most beautiful worldThe most beautiful wasteland in the world – Wadi Rum. This sandy plain to enjoy the unexpected views of rocky forms of red sandstone. After the erosion of local rock turned into bridges, arches, towers and picturesque canyons that surround the small dunes and oases.
Cliffs of Wadi Rum shimmer with different colors. But it’s best to enjoy the play of light at sunset or sunrise. Wadi Rum is perfect for lovers of secluded holiday in a wild.
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Most unlucky people in the world

unlucky peoplePeople who are much worse. Some residents of the world are doomed to live with horrible defects; there are those who can be called clear outsiders among others. And on their background, many problems seem minor and not so scary. Take a look at this list of people.

Big win in the lottery
The whole village has won the lottery, except for one guy. Each year, on the eve of Christmas in Spain play large sums of money in a lottery El Gordo, this translates as “Fat Man.”
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Aberdeen in Scotland-Most Undiscovered Places around the World

AberdeenThese Scottish cities lives and breathe Old World Europe. It’s very attractive with its Footdee village which would probably remind you of Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Also a must-see is the university which holds the famous King’s Chapel at the very heart of its campus grounds. The same university is fronted by a beach, which, just like the rest of Scotland, displays magnificent rock formations. The city itself is glittering, and there are plenty of cosmopolitan spots to visit here if you find yourself missing the conveniences of modern life. Continue reading “Aberdeen in Scotland-Most Undiscovered Places around the World”

Meknes Morocco-Most Undiscovered Places around the World

Meknes Meknes in Morroco is overshadowing by its sibling cities Fes and Marakesh. While it is low key compare to these many visited cities, Meknes really has a very interesting share of architectural gems. Gaze at its historical 45 kilometer wall, gaze ate over fifty palaces located close to the city, and take pictures of the Roman ruins of Volubilis. Continue reading “Meknes Morocco-Most Undiscovered Places around the World”

Most Sacred mountains Xuankong Si

Xuankong Most Sacred mountains in China and Mt. Heng located in Shanxi province is one of them. Close to its base and overlooking the wooded Golden Dragon River, is Xuankong Si, sometimes written as Xuan Kong Si, which literally translates as the Monastery in Mid Air. It is more often called the Hanging Monastery. Built in 491AD it still clings to the side of the cliff using engineering techniques that are still of significant interest to modern architects. Horizontal shafts were first cut into the side of the mountain to serve as the anchor points. Continue reading “Most Sacred mountains Xuankong Si”

The world’s most dangerous road

dangerous wayA road three miles extended and three feet wide hanged more than 100 meters from the bottom of a gorge and allow macerate for the basics for a century. The result is a place that can only be described as frightening. Demolished, with the ground full of holes and missing long stretch, without any railing which protects a void that threatens to abduct who runs, elusive, under threat of falling rocks and an entry in which, there are literally that hung from the vacuum, the risk in this way fascinates the world.

Attracted by his vertigo, people around the world come to El Chorro, which is locked so unique journey. Several have fallen vacuum his death contributing to the legend of the world’s most dangerous road.
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World most wicked rulers in history

Adolf HitlerThe World entire history of humanity have been rulers who have used fear and terror to gain power of his people, and then govern with absolute iron fist and a relentless thirst for power. Unfortunately for society, there have been many rulers of this type, it would take many many lists like this to collect them all, but here we find the worst of the worst.

10. Attila. Was known in the West as “The scourge of God.” Their possessions extended from central Europe to the Black Sea, and from the Danube to the Baltic Sea, where during his reign one of the greatest enemies of the Roman Empire. He was so feared that it was said that he passed through his horse, and no grass grew, as he passed through sowed panic.
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