The Moon was formed from the collision of the Earth and Teyi

MoonScientists have found that the Moon formed as a result of a frontal collision of the Earth with the planet Theia after about 100 million years after the formation of the globe. Previously it was thought that the collision of planets occurred on a tangent at an angle of 45 degrees.

In the latest study, published in the journal Science, analyzed seven rock samples brought to Earth from the Moon expedition Apollo 12, Apollo 15 and Apollo 17. They also studied the volcanic rocks of Arizona and Hawaii. As a result, the researchers found the oxygen isotopes in the samples from the satellite, which relates to a purely earthly. Continue reading “The Moon was formed from the collision of the Earth and Teyi”

In the distant past the Moon erupted supervolcanoe

MoonJack Wilson of the University of Durham in the UK and his colleagues found that in the past eruptions on the moon have been widespread in nature.

Scientists studied the underground structure of the satellite and terrain near the volcanic complex Compton  Belkovicha located at the north pole on the mysterious invisible side of the moon. Earlier probe Lunar Prospector revealed signs in the area of active volcanism abnormally high concentrations of radioactive thorium. The research team decided to treat the distribution map of thorium with Lunar Prospector using algorithms for processing images of distant galaxies. This has improved the quality of the card, as well as information about the mysterious history of the volcano. Its eruption in ancient times covered an area of about 70,000 square kilometers (the size of a small European country), according to “RIA Novosti”. This scale spread of magma and ash associated with low gravity and the rarefied atmosphere of the moon. Continue reading “In the distant past the Moon erupted supervolcanoe”

Full moon on Friday the 13th

MoonFull moon this is the moment when the centers of the Sun, Moon and Earth line up on the same line. The full moon happens simultaneously for all points of the globe and is not dependent on whether now visible in the moon or not huge. On Friday 13th June 2014 Full Moon occurs at 08:11Moscow time (UTC +4).

Full Moon over New York Friday June 13, 2014 Moon at the Full Moon on June 13, will be on the East Coast of America. Continue reading “Full moon on Friday the 13th”

Scientists have recreated the world ice covering Jupiter moon

 The team of Spanish scientists to simulate the conditions that led to the formation of unusual formations in the form of ups and downs on the ice sheet of Jupiter’s moon Europa. The results of their research they published in the journal Geochemical er Cosmological Ac-ta reports Phys Org.

According to scientists, strange formations on Europa’s surface could appear as a result of a sort of volcanoes. Only if the world volcanic activity occurs due to the movement of magma then Europe, a similar effect was achieved by the movement of ice and salt compounds. Continue reading “Scientists have recreated the world ice covering Jupiter moon”

Moon and sleep- secrets of the moon

MoonInfluence of the Moon and Earth on each other can not be denied. Nevertheless, the influence of the moon on people is a source of constant debate.

Many believe that the full moon is the cause of the strange behavior of people, but science can not provide conclusive evidence for or against this theory.

But science agrees that the moon can break the cycle of human sleep. Continue reading “Moon and sleep- secrets of the moon”

Origin of the Moon- secrets of the moon

the MoonWhere did the Moon? Simple and accurate answer is no, but, nevertheless, science allows you to make a few assumptions.

There are five major theories about the origin of the Moon. Fission theory argues that the moon was once part of our planet and separated from her at a very early stage in the history of the Earth – Moon actually just might be on the site of the modern Pacific. Continue reading “Origin of the Moon- secrets of the moon”

Secrets of the moon-Difficulties with low gravity

 low gravityWhile seriousness on the moon is equal to only one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, to move across its surface – a real feat. Buzz Aldrin said that to establish settlement on the Moon will be very difficult: the feet of astronauts in bulky spacesuits were buried in the lunar dust by almost 15 cm

Despite the low seriousness, inertia on the moon is high, so move quickly or change direction there difficult. Continue reading “Secrets of the moon-Difficulties with low gravity”

Lunar magnetism- secrets of the moon

Lunar magnetismOne of the most interesting mysteries of the Moon is that the Moon has no magnetic field. What is surprising is that while the stones that astronauts first brought from Moon to Earth in the 1960s, had magnetic properties. Maybe stones have an extraterrestrial origin? How can they have magnetic properties when the moon is no magnetic field?

Over the past years, science has found that the magnetic field of the moon once was, but no one can say why it disappeared. Continue reading “Lunar magnetism- secrets of the moon”

Moon dust- secrets of the moon

Dust moonOne of the most remarkable and yet the most unsafe things on the moon – it moon dust. As everyone knows, the sand gets everywhere on Earth, but the dust on the moon – an very dangerous substance: it is fine as flour, but it is very rough. Due to its texture and low gravity it gets totally anywhere.

NASA had numerous problems associated with lunar dust: she burst boots astronauts roughly completely penetrate into the ships and space suits and causes lunar hay fever at unfortunate astronauts if they inhale it. Continue reading “Moon dust- secrets of the moon”

Lunar anomalies- secrets of the moon

Lunar anomalies moonSome pictures taken by different satellites seen very strange things on the lunar surface. It seems that the moon has artificial constructs, the size of which varies from very tiny, naturally having a parallelepiped shape to obelisks not less than 1.5 km in height.

Lovers of the paranormal even set up objects of these big castle, hanging high above the lunar surface. Continue reading “Lunar anomalies- secrets of the moon”