Monster of tropical mountains

tropical mountainsThe researchers, who worked in New Guinea at a time when the island was still divided between the colonial powers, stumbled into the mountains for signs of the unknown monsters.  Opening in Jamaica Kingston Gleaner newspaper on June 27, told the readers of this discovery.

Not the least of the wonders found mysterious animals are of enormous size with terrible features, about the traces of which have recently reported from New Guinea.  Continue reading “Monster of tropical mountains”

The water bloody monster

bloody monsterIn the U.S. fisherman with a catch fish-monster on the memory- in New Jersey, Doug Cutler managed to catch the imagination of the amazing “fish-monster.”

American fishing saw a huge eel in the water and began to hunt him with a bow and arrow. Hit and pulling the trophy out of the water, the fisherman was dumbfounded: bleeding long sea creature with a huge mouth and conical teeth more like a figment of the imagination of producers science fiction movie than a living creature, says the NY Daily News. Continue reading “The water bloody monster”

Two Pictures Show the 100-Foot ‘Borneo Monster’

Two photographs have been recently released from unknown sources in Borneo, depicting the weirdest of occurrences – a 100 foot-long snake-like creature cruising in the waters of the Baleh river.

Natives are understandably scared of that, as they believe that the alleged monster is the mythical Nabau creature, a dragon-like serpent that has the ability to change its shape whenever it pleases. Western observers are, however, reluctant to accept the pictures as genuine, saying that there are serious clues in them that give away the fact that they are most likely fake. Continue reading “Two Pictures Show the 100-Foot ‘Borneo Monster’”

New photo of Nessie 2012 – Man has proof of the Loch Ness Monster

August 2012 the Loch Ness monster caught on camera reappears George Edwards. Does it really is Nessie? The Loch Ness Monster was discovered more or less a week while on a tourist boat seen by several witnesses.

George Edwards has spent more than 20 years in search of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, while spending 60 hours a week in water mainly through its tourism business.

George believes he has finally found evidence of the Loch Ness Monster with a recent photograph while I was on a boat trip. Continue reading “New photo of Nessie 2012 – Man has proof of the Loch Ness Monster”

Monster like Nessie

monster , NessieThe mysterious creature that resembles the famous Loch Ness monster was imaged Britanka named Jill Pierce in the waters of the Channel, some 30 meters from the shore near the town Peynton in the Gulf of Tor Bay, in the English county of Devon.
At first, Jill was confident that lifted turtles, which crept up to the fish schools. However, when viewing the photos turned out that the turtle is a creature does not have a relationship, and that it is much more like a plesiosaur.
And soon found a second witness – a resident Peyntona named Graham Oxley, which for half an hour watching the strange behavior of the animal in the waters of the bay, when walking a dog on the beach. According to him, most of the creature was in the water, but every 5 minutes resurfacing.
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Leviathan – an ancient monster ocean

In the famous Nazca Peruvian desert group of scientists Rotterdam Natural History Museum found the remains of a prehistoric whale (Leviathan melvillei), whose length ranged from 13.5 to 17.5 meters.

Paleontologists have long assumed that in the past in the world’s oceans lived large carnivorous whales, such as that which was described in Herman Melville novel “Moby Dick”. And just recently skull belonging to this ancient monster has been found in the Peruvian expedition of Dutch archaeologists, led by Claes Post (Klaas Post) from Rotterdam Museum of Natural History. Article professionals about this discovery published in Nature News.
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