The first creature with a modern face

A fish 419 million years ago whose fossils have appeared in China’s the most primitive equipped with a complex jaw. It sheds light on the evolution of vertebrates.The journal Nature this week described the first creature endowed with what we might recognize as a face. The Prognathous primordial is an armored fish of about 20 cm in length that lived 419 million years ago in the seas of the current China, is the oldest vertebrate jaw complex with a modern look. The verdict calls into question the whole evolution Continue reading “The first creature with a modern face”

A threat to modern civilization

latest civilizationBack in the ancient world, hidden from the public’s knowledge of a narrow circle of devoted: Egyptian and Greek priests, Indian Brahmans, alchemical schools. Withholding knowledge contained in the printing press. Newton, for example, to keep his alchemical experiments. In the following main reasons for concealment of scientific information became military and commercial interests.

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Akkad died as a modern Syria

AkkadThe current Syrian crisis can see parallels with the events that preceded the fall of the Akkadian empire over four thousand years ago.

About 2200 BC Akkad broke out in a drought, and people began to leave the city centers. Power lost the thread of control, and powerful empire collapsed.

So far all we know about the crisis of urbanization in Mesopotamia end III millennium BC. Was based on the analysis of ceramics and changes in the size of archaeological sites, as well as information about how the farm at the time.
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The main causes of death for people in the modern world

death for peopleHypertension alcohol and tobacco – causes most smertey very large-scale study, which was conducted over five years, attended by 500 scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle.
Researchers asked to identify the main causes of mortality in the period from 1990 to 2010. Scientists have compiled two lists, which consisted of 100 points- disease, war, the incompetence of doctors, accidents, etc. The findings of researchers are: high blood pressure, alcohol and smoking – the main causes of ill health and the cause of death.
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Ten dogmas of modern science

scienceThe greatest scientific fallacy of all – what science already knows the answers. Though the details are still in need of solutions, but, in principle, the fundamental questions have been settled.

Modern science is on the fact that everything in our world – financially. That all reality consists solely of matter, be subject to physical and chemical laws. Consciousness is seen as a product of physical and chemical activity of the brain. Matter is unconscious. Evolution pointless. God exists only as an idea in people’s minds, and, consequently, in the human mind.
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Mysterious World: Modern Ireland – is the legendary Atlantis?

Modern Ireland – is the legendary sunken Atlantis. With such a hypothesis was made by a Swedish scientist-geographer Ulf Erlingsson.

As in 360 BC. e. wrote the Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was a huge island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where about 11.5 thousand years ago has blossomed oldest civilization on Earth. But then some kind of universal scale disaster plunged the island into an abyss of waters, and he disappeared forever.
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Modern forex – the eighth wonder of the world?

Many people know that there are seven wonders of the world, but not everyone can name them and list. Since ancient times, these marvels of creation rights, caused great excitement and admiration. And now they bring the same feelings of his contemporaries, architects, artists, and just far from the art of their profession people: accountants, businessmen, brokers forex. For all time of human history people have sought to knowledge, did the invention, to make new discoveries. And to date, been provided with such technology, which was unthinkable to even dream.
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Modern Witch

Item 1. The face of witches
This is a young, sexually attractive woman 20-24 years old, dressed and impressive shots – all in black. Black clearly dominates. Clothes line with the fashion and obviously expensive. In 7 of 10 cases of modern witch – brunette with a short haircut. Alternatively – shatenka. Eye color is also an indicator. Faithful mark – green eyes, then (in descending order): black, gray, brown. Blue has not. Most likely – the jeans. A smart look … Yes, of course. involvement in higher education as an element of outward appearance. You can easily find and sort of Bohemian notes and signs secured origin. Usually quickly becomes clear that you – capricious, capricious, a creature’s mind … which nevertheless intrigues. Important Note: There is no secret code, how to dress and look like witches. They look so instinctively.
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