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Missing Boeing carrying more than two tons of unknown cargo

Malaysian AirlinesOn board Boeing 777-200 Airlines Malaysian Airlines, which was lost in the night of March 8, in addition to the 239 people there were almost eight tons of cargo, found out the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

From the report, which was previously published Malaysian authorities with the preliminary results of the investigation into the disappearance of the aircraft, that on board, there were 5.5 tons of tropical fruits, RIA Novosti reported. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top famous people missing

famous peoplePeople are born, work and … disappear. Unsolved disappearances of famous people – one of the most mysterious pages of world history. Inventor’s children tycoons, politicians and pilots – disappeared, giving rise to his disappearance trail versions and guesswork.


Michael was not a golden boy of his father – the richest citizen of America Nelson Rokfellera. On unlearn the university, served in the army – all as humans. And then, while his father was busy with politics ,went on an expedition to New Guinea. Read the rest of this entry »

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Missing disappear in parallel worlds?

worldColenso statistics, every year in Russia lost tens of thousands of people. Some of them are. Some, alas, dead. Others – in hospitals. Third – from friends, friends or a bum on the streets of big cities. However, significant parts of the “poteryashek” get the definition of “missing.”

Specialists are more inclined to the conclusion that the world around us multi-layered like a cake, and “poteryashki” happen to be in parallel worlds. And can not get out.
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