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Why are women more beautiful than men?


Women – fair sex, and men do not. Although the logic of progression must be the opposite. In other species the beauty of diverse males. How can solve this puzzle?

Among all the features that so various in our species, very strange and astonishing beauty of women can be called. In other species of living beings, if one sex aesthetically diverse, it usually turns out to be male rather than female.

Besides the reasons why there are such differences in the case of man also of large importance, so that the male beauty should be particularly noticeable. Researchers have proved that in the evolution of women are becoming more beautiful and men and remain at their cave ancestors. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to survive winter in Antarctica

mysteriousThe previous flight from the South Pole was on Friday 13th of February – the last chance to fly until mid-November. Remaining there for forty-something man nine months will be deprived of any occasion to leave Antarctica. They even cannot move away from the base farther than 2-3 km, so that all objects are in one place. Anyway, what sights you can see in whole darkness, which lasts four months, and at dusk, ongoing for another two months?

Amundsen-Scott Station at the North Pole in Antarctica – the southernmost of the three research stations in the United States this earthly basement. It is located at a distance of about one hundred meters from the pole. In the summer there lives about 150 people, and in the winter – 50.

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People who are following death of a ghost

mysteriousPeople walk a giant variety of ghost stories and there are times when people are really existed after his death, or visit the places that had for them during the life of exacting importance.

#William Skit

It was in 1864. The end of the American Civil War. In the city of Newton was killed Minister Bill skit. Political opponents led him to the river and hung without trial.They said that before his secret executions skit prayed to God that he has forgiven his murderers. When the killer knocked out from under the feet support the Minister, it appears that the rope was tied to a sturdy branch is not sufficient, she bent, and Bill toes touching the ground. Then the killer dug a hole under the feet skit, and he gasped. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tattoo Face – Down cosmetics and imperfections!

makeupWhat dangers lie in remain for the woman who decided to achieve the loveliness of the eyebrows? Popular procedure of lasting makeup – permanent makeup person, may lead to adverse consequences.Today, many ladies prefer to tattoo a person familiar everyday makeup. Moreover, a special place in this manifestation is given eyebrows. It is this remarkable part of the face is most often exposed to modernization by means of modern cosmetology.


Making circuits more rounded, graceful, you can totally transform facial expression, give a look more charm, openness, depth. In adding, the strength of permanent makeup and then to fiddle with the shape of the eyebrows, or fix their sloppy weakly defined outline. Read the rest of this entry »

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Miracles heraldry

heraldryConsider some of them in order, even almost in alphabetical order. Here, for example, Alfin. What do you think, on whom can be like an animal with the same name? On dolphin? On the albatross? No, it’s a tiger with a mane of a lion, a snake’s tongue, tail, for some unknown reason knotted marine units, and an eagle clawed paws. In addition, there Alfina acting wings and distances it is more reminiscent of a dragon.

So why bother to invent Alfina if already there is a dragon – you ask? It’s very simple. This monster was just created them in defiance.¬† Read the rest of this entry »

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33 most unusual deaths

mysteriousMost people out in the world other quite prosaically – from disease or old age, few – tragically. But sometimes the Grim Reaper mercilessly mocks the man to make him cruel and unusual death. Circumstances of the death of such people seem so incredible that they hard to believe.

 Introducing a chronological list of the most unusual deaths, from 270 BC to the present day.

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What children believe about the miracles in reality

Babys worldThis week we’ll all be observation the clash of darkness and cold to heat and light-weight fantasy, fiction and magic – from Santa to niggard, from grandparent Time and Baby year to the 3 wise men. youngsters can hear tales of thunder, elves and magic rings, sitting ahead of old school fire, or watch them on original screens.

However if truth be told the youngsters|the youngsters the kids square measure miracles? standard knowledge is that children cannot draw the road between reality and therefore the imagined world, facts and fantasies. Read the rest of this entry »

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9 miracles that have not become a reality

miraclesScience fiction stuffed us nonsense about the future. Starting with the second part of the film “Back to the Future”, which goes well with popcorn, to the abstruse entertainment like “Space Odyssey 2001” picture of the future, showing us a whole bunch of cool things, the appearance of which we should be looking now. This air-cushion vehicles, and flying skateboards, robots, sentient and mind. People are preparing to fly to the asteroid to mine minerals there, and we still have not started mass production of flying cars. There’s something wrong! Priorities, science! Priorities.

We still do not see how people are flying off to the moon – a shame, I know it. Here are just some of the innovations that were to appear at us by now, but it never appeared.
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