Tattoo Face – Down cosmetics and imperfections!

What dangers lie in remain for the woman who decided to achieve the loveliness of the eyebrows? Popular procedure of lasting makeup – permanent makeup person, may lead to adverse consequences.Today, many ladies prefer to tattoo a person familiar everyday makeup. Moreover, a special place in this manifestation is given eyebrows. It is this remarkable… Read more Tattoo Face – Down cosmetics and imperfections!

Miracles heraldry

Consider some of them in order, even almost in alphabetical order. Here, for example, Alfin. What do you think, on whom can be like an animal with the same name? On dolphin? On the albatross? No, it’s a tiger with a mane of a lion, a snake’s tongue, tail, for some unknown reason knotted marine… Read more Miracles heraldry

33 most unusual deaths

Most people out in the world other quite prosaically – from disease or old age, few – tragically. But sometimes the Grim Reaper mercilessly mocks the man to make him cruel and unusual death. Circumstances of the death of such people seem so incredible that they hard to believe. ¬†Introducing a chronological list of the… Read more 33 most unusual deaths