Turkish miracle – Pamukkale.

Pamukkale – extraordinarily amazing historical and natural place with shining multiple cascades.

This is one of the main attractions Turtskoy land. – Pamukkale “means” cotton castle “. Dazzling white travertine terraces education emerged on the slopes of the mountains due to the fact that many centuries there occurred deposition of salts.. These salts accumulated from supersaturated calcium sources.

Pamukkale is famous for its healing properties when subjected to the skin and the eyes. Air Pamukkale crystal-clear and useful for patients with rheumatism and asthma.

Grand miracle of light, Singapore sewing.

On June 26, Singapore will be a grand opening presentation in honor of the opening of the hotel-resort complex Marina Bay Sands.

Three 55-meter high towers called the new wonder of the world. These towers topped with three-deck ship named “Sky Park” with total area of 12,400 sq.m.

On the upper deck of the ship, at an altitude of 200 meters, is a giant 150-meter swimming pool with a waterfall – the world’s great outdoor swimming pool, and there are restaurants, bars, a museum of modern art. Seen from afar, have the illusion that a huge ship towering above the waves at high altitude.
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Miracle of technical ideas – infrared cabin

infrared, cabinInfrared sauna cabin differs from the well-known Finnish pair cabin so that the temperature inside it varies from forty to fifty degrees Celsius. No more. And the humidity there is practically zero. Attend infrared saunas can even elderly people and people. with hypertension ..

65% of buying infrared cabins for personal use. And only 35% – for commercial purposes, according to market analysts. Vendors also acknowledge the fact that our citizens have become much more concerned about their health.
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A miracle that will never happen again ..

Your prom … He is unique and will never be repeated.. You pick a dress to look like a queen at least, shoes and makeup. Your parents are torn with the question – where to hold graduation and mark off on a piece of a cell from an exercise book, who passed the money, but who have not yet.. Pleasant trouble..

Your prom night in your own school – is a kind of stock .. You summed it up and realize that your childhood ends and you like it abruptly and without preambles become a newly-made “adult” graduate.. and clearly understand that it’s time to start to become an adult, and stretch their own wings …
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The miracle of light. Reserve forest.

miracle, lightThe bank of the Desna is wall pine forest. The magnificent forest, lying on the sand arena over the floodplains of the Dnieper and Desna. Everything is beautiful and pristine and there do not need to make an order flowers and gifts on the internet.. They grow and fragrant.. Enjoy all you want.

Northern part of it – it is reserve forest.
Slava Reserve Zalissia brought gold pine forests, white sandy tracts, birch valley, remnants of old oak, green young pine forest, high conservation of grass.
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Amazing Tales of the Academy of Miracles

Amazing, TalesAlready more than half a portal and forum of the Academy of Miracles “took a surprising place in the life of many women. And even men … And they, men do not cease to surprise themselves – is that true?

Yes, this is so. Since every person – whether he is a man or a woman trying to find their harmony with nature .

Tender spring days are now upon us, and it seems like spring – it is a fabulous train, which quickly carries us into summer.
Spring – one of the most breathtaking and unique times of the year, but, unfortunately, and it passes very quickly.
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