Architectural and economic triumph for Australia

bridgeErected a grandiose construction for 8 years – from 1924 to 1932. The bridge became a kind of architectural and economic triumph for Australia, because it was built at a time when the world is tormented by the economic crisis and the U.S. struggled in the grip of depression. Bridge designed by Australian engineer John Bradfield K.. “Harbor” connected business center, located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Port Jackson, with residential neighborhoods that stretch on the north shore. Prior to his arrival had to use a ferry or bypass routes that are longer than 20 miles and contain 5 bridges. Length of the “Hanger” is 1149 meters and a central arch span (since Habor Bridge largest arch bridge) – 503 meters. The height of the bridge above sea level – about 50 meters, it allows you to easily pass under it, even ocean liners. Continue reading “Architectural and economic triumph for Australia”

The Tower of Hercules

HerculesWorld civilizations that had access to the sea and developed the seafaring, coastal towers built on top of which was a bright light – that the ships suitable for the beach, could navigate the night mist. These towers beacons built by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and many other nations.
From ancient times to the great civilizations of the past we were mostly ruins of lighthouses and memories of their former greatness. But the Tower of Hercules – the lighthouse in La Coruna (Spain) – Witness the might of the Roman era. He is the oldest surviving complete lighthouse in the world, and this is the only Roman lighthouse, which is the purpose so far. Continue reading “The Tower of Hercules”

The most important thing a miracle!

In ancient treatise, it is said: Bathing in the sauna for about ten advantages: the freshness, clarity of mind, health, vigor, strength, youth, beauty, purity, fresh color and special attention from the opposite sex. Warming up in the bath a positive impact on the state of perfect bodies and even all the systems of the body, increases metabolism, calms the nervous system, restore vitality, increase the ability to think and immune system. The sauna is used to treat many illnesses and – in the early stages of hypertension, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. Continue reading “The most important thing a miracle!”

In Britain, for three years secretly cultivated hybrids of animals and humans

hybridsThe possible treatments for a wide range of diseases last three years, researchers secretly cultivated hybrids.This was announced just days after the committee meeting of scientists, where they warned of the nightmare scenarios of “Planet of the Apes,” where work on the creation goes too far.
Since the introduction of the 2008 Act fertilization embryos human material has been created 155 admixed embryos containing genetic material from human and animal. Continue reading “In Britain, for three years secretly cultivated hybrids of animals and humans”

Open the door to another world may be closed to you forever

worldThe scientific thought in the face of specialists in quantum physics, seriously argues that parallel universes – not a myth and fiction. On our planet, there may be other worlds, other forms and levels of life.
The very knowledgeable scientists do not lead evidence of the existence of parallel worlds, but numerous cases of contact with the mysterious world of people on the “other door” of reality, can not be ignored.
Vadim Chernobrov, author of acclaimed books about anomalous phenomena “The Mystery of the parallel worlds” in his file cabinet has a lot of similar cases. Here’s one interesting thing happened to a girl from England. Continue reading “Open the door to another world may be closed to you forever”

The existence of Nibiru is becoming more

Nibiru Zecharia Sitchin has put forward in the 70 years of the last century. In his opinion, this planet has a highly elongated orbit and its period of revolution around the Sun is 3600 years old. However, no evidence to support his theory of Sitchin report failed, and soon forgot about Nibiru. But now there is growing evidence showing that the planet Nibiru is not a myth, but actually exists.
In the 90’s were produced complex mathematical calculations, which confirmed that the planet Nibiru such may well exist in the solar system. Since then, talk of a mysterious celestial body with each passing year only gaining in popularity. It is believed that in December 2012 (according to some reports in February 2013) Nibiru will pass close to Earth’s orbit, which eventually may lead to a serious displacement of the earth’s axis, and this in turn threatens large-scale natural disasters across the planet. First of all, there is a change of the magnetic poles, and it is followed by floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in various parts of the globe.
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Dominion over nature..

People’s desire to gain power over nature has appeared, most likely, since the existence of primitive people at a time when people still could not realize until the end of the grandeur of nature and power, could not find a proper explanation of many of its calamities, and it gave a powerful impetus to the relentless effort to know it and then – to try to control it.
Nowadays, if you look at how nature has changed in its essence and appearance, possibly with serious safely say that the longing of human nature have been fulfilled. Experience of mankind in the direction of their own design environments: homes, park area. Boulevards, allows him to implement a variety of landscaping projects. But this is not done with the help of workers – need different tools – from shovels to gasoline or an electric trimmer, a huge assortment of which can be found planting material and new varieties of trees and flowers, decorative stones and covering for an artificial pond, and much more..
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City of Chichen-Itza

The ancient city of the Mayan archeological zone located in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, which is one of the most important sights in the times of the Maya and Toltec. Here is the majestic and the most mysterious building in Mexico – Pyramid of Kukulkan. Here you can see Chuck Moola – the idol with a flat bowl on his stomach (it lowered heart of the sacrificed), Royal Baths, the ancient Indian observatory sacred well of the victims. This population of Chichen Itza threw various offerings, including their tribeswoman, girls 14-18 years old. Continue reading “City of Chichen-Itza”

Miracle first – Foros Lighthouse

In 332 – 331 gg BC Alexander of Macedon founded the capital of Hellenistic Egypt, Alexandria. Here is the famous Alexandria musseyon – one of the major scientific and cultural centers of the ancient world, and if it is not less than the famous library of Alexandria, in which there were, almost the 700,000 volumes of Greek and Oriental books. Alexandria was the richest city in his time. Many wonderful buildings were erected in Alexandria. They owned and Alexandria lighthouse on a rocky island Foros near the Nile delta. Continue reading “Miracle first – Foros Lighthouse”

Ordinary Miracle – city with a sense of humor

Ordinary, MiracleOdessa – an ancient port town (now city) was founded by Empress Catherine II. However, long before the fateful decisions of the Empress lay the city in this place, even since ancient times, antiquity, in the area were settlements.
Odessa its kind masterpiece of architectural thought, which combines differently picturesque areas of architecture and styles. Yes, a stylish city, that really is there to say.
All buildings in good shape after a thorough restoration. A qualitative restoration, as they say – for centuries. One ceramic tile Odessa is worth something! Quality roof for a hundred years!
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