American biologist sure that there is life on Mars

life,MarsIn 1976-United State vehicles Viking 1 & Viking 2 arriving on the neighboring planet, conducted a unique experiment whose purpose was to determine- whether there is life. On a difficult life – at least on the levels of worms – scientists never dreamed of. I wanted to find at least the bacteria in the soil. They are, in fact, focused experimental technique called the Labeled Release (LR). Soil samples were produced by a mechanical arm with a bucket that is installed on the machine. She scooped the ground and poured it into the cup with a special nutrient medium, which its creators call a chicken broth.
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Super-powers. What are we to interfere?

super,powersA healthy psyche and the brain may develop in a variety of super powers– the paranormal, intelligent, creative and physical. But there are some obstacles to this, otherwise we would live in a society fully developed human beings. These obstacles will be discussed in this article. So what keeps us in the development of super-powers? Let’s start with the fact that doing nothing and not making any effort to develop super-powers – you will never develop at even the simplest phenomenon. So the first reason, which prevents us – an illusion that we are (super powers) give someone without an application on our part of any effort. No course, no technique is not based on idle. And the cunning man who says he will do everything for you. Development and improvement of super-powers – is, first of all work, great work, which requires enormous self-discipline and efficiency.
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Scientists have discovered 40 dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur, eggsThe fossilized eggs of very old lizards found the faculty members in the CSU geology expedition in Sharoi district of the republic. According to scientists, giant reptiles lay eggs about 60 million years ago. Have made wonderful discovery, the expedition “Chechnya – tourism center.” A group of scientists and public figures set out in the Sharoi area to explore two mountain waterfall, which were not previously studied by geographers. We have studied the terrain, and suddenly someone has paid attention to the balls flat shape, which lay on the rocks around – told Life News Head of the Laboratory, “Landscape Research” CSU Said-Emin Dzhabrailov. – Judging by the form, we immediately assumed that it can be fossilized eggs.
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Mystical Geometry of Bermuda – Harbour missing ships

BermudaThe Bermuda Triangle relatively rarely made itself felt, except for a reminder of the Sargasso Sea, with its unique properties. Remind about the mysterious event caused the water space in 1840, when close to the port of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, was found drifting French sailboat “Rosalie.” It had all the sails are raised, there was the necessary equipment, but in this case – not one living soul of the crew or passengers. Continue reading “Mystical Geometry of Bermuda – Harbour missing ships”

The eve of New Moon, March 22, 2012.

moonNew Moon March 22, 2012 at 18:38 GMT, and many are already feeling this wave. New Moon will be in the zodiacal sign of Aries. Energy von Moon: The connection of transit of the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Aries (in the element of fire), and they are all converging in the square to Pluto (in the element of earth), and retrograde Mars (in the element of earth) is in opposition to Neptune (in elements of water). And because Mars is hard, this is how: just formed this confrontation will be direktnym only in mid-April. Fellow earthlings, we will not find it. There is a big plus: everything these days is driven deep desire growth and transformation (including the spiritual transformation of society). There is a synthesis of ideas and progressive cycles, different signs of the times. I’ll start with the installation of positive! At resonance, the leveling is very clear clean sky blue or silver, white, matt (still pale cream), as well as tone the region – the salt and salt sharp.Music by Beethoven, Bizet, Glinka, Gershwin, Wagner, albums Tunguska (in a blog Artemka). Harmonizing flavors: lemon balm, lemon, orange, neroli, petit-Grain. Continue reading “The eve of New Moon, March 22, 2012.”

Illusion of the material world

metrialPhenomenon that is watching it as unnatural, contrary to the usual order of things. We can say then that if we classify the phenomenon as a miracle, we just do not yet know well enough all the laws governing the world. This view is characteristic of Science and is a driving force. Science believes in the law. On the other hand, deep enough in any religious system by some miracle we mean something more. Here, for the miracle there are no limitations – everything is possible. That is, the law pushed by the wayside, and the first act of making out a miracle. The miracle is always done by someone who can be called. We can say that religion believes in the miracle. The point of view, which will be presented here, in a sense unites and reconciles the scientific and religious approaches. This view has a long history. In the eastern Classical Yoga literature [1] describes a system in which, in fact, there is a place and the law and the Miracle. Continue reading “Illusion of the material world”

The Wonderful World of pleasant memories ..

Wonderful worldPeople who can not be maintained with love and awe the family photo archives. And it’s no wonder – the same color or in those old black and white pieces of paper sad and funny and wonderful memories! With lovely heart picture associated with the most pleasant and enjoyable moments of your life, because it is these moments we are trying imprinted on photographs. Looking at the pictures, carefully fingering sweet heart nice moments – postcards, baby pictures, dear to the letter, we have again and again plunge into the warm memories. Not fully immersed, but only for a short time span for the plunge that would live on even happier and fuller. Time passes relentlessly, and we have forgotten the event, date, bright feeling to be associated with certain pictures. Our memory is not too durable, alas ….. Continue reading “The Wonderful World of pleasant memories ..”

Gold Bactrian kings

The second floor in the bar Sheremetyevo International Airport waiting for flight. Ahead of Afghanistan, routine archaeological expeditions, hot dust storms alternating with rainy windy storm. That landing. As long as the aircraft crosses the expanse of our country, stand in the memory field of the first Soviet-Afghan archaeological expedition. For the tenth year, we set off for three months in the north of Afghanistan, the ancient Bactria, where excavations. On foot, on horseback, in cars done many kilometers of trails. I remember the first of joy happy and bitter disappointments of discovery – in short, everything that makes our work. Kabul greeted us with a clear October morning. Quickly run out the necessary formalities, and after a few days we go to the city of Shiberghan to the north of the country. Be sent in the same place it was ten years ago, the first field season. Then our attention was attracted by the majestic ruins of the great ancient city Emshi Tepe. Continue reading “Gold Bactrian kings”

Favorable combination of numbers – 11/11/11

This year, month and day , Mars will approach with adjustable out of the constellation Leo, and is a beautiful spectacle of two near luminous celestial bodies. On Friday, calendars show the date 11/11/11, disturbing people’s minds long ago. As we were told at the Dnepropetrovsk planetarium with astronomical point of view coming Friday is absolutely no need to fear because nothing supernatural in space is not expected. System calendar account even now people are using different. The fact that we will have to 11.11.2011 for Israel – a different date, China is also different. Continue reading “Favorable combination of numbers – 11/11/11”

A black magician

magicianWho was known more as Herbert, for two reasons left the reputation of the magician magician. First, he was extremely well educated and gifted man. Secondly, he seems to have been trained in Spain, in the cordon, or Toledo. At that time Spain was under Moorish control or Saracens in Europe and was considered the heir eastern magic and wisdom, because this is what tells the story. The Spanish were considered heathen world-renowned masters of the art of magic. In the house of one of them lived Herbert. It was a magical wizard book. She, as a means of subjection to the will of the devil forces the owner of this book, was not unique. Herbert was eager to seize the relic, but the Arabic philosopher for a moment did not part with it, even at night, hid it under his pillow. Herbert still managed to find a hiding place with a book in love with the beautiful daughter of comfort Saracens. Continue reading “A black magician”