Dairy miracle

miracleWitness’s milk miracle in 1995, millions of people around the world have become. It was filmed on thousands of professional and amateur cameras.

It all started with the fact that September 21, 1995 at 2 o’clock in one of the Ganesha temple in New Delhi, the phone rang and a mysterious unknown male voice said, Gnash wants milk. Please, give him drink! . Priest just in case there and then bathed and brought Divine milk, which in his eyes was gone immediately. Continue reading “Dairy miracle”

Mark Twain- in search of a miracle

TwainAll of us in childhood avidly read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain … Meanwhile, the life of this writer has been associated with the mysterious and enigmatic events that forced him not only to believe in the paranormal field, but also to do her research.

Samuel Langhorne life began Clemens quite ordinary. The future writer was born November 30, 1835 in the small town of Florida U.S. state of Missouri. Subsequently Clemens family moved to another town in the same state – Hannibal. Continue reading “Mark Twain- in search of a miracle”

Mysterious dwarfs

Historical placeOne of the most the remarkable historical of certificates, -related to the traditions of the onetime dwarfish among the people the Chud, the It inhabits the once northward the European part of Russian and Ural regions, there and stories of about the people SYRTE that inhabited in the tundra before the arrival of of the Nenets, it detects possible the on the famous the map the Arctic Gerarda Mercator’s. This map is believed portrays the legendary continent of Hyperborea.

It is home to the Pygmies

 North Pole Mercator map surrounded by a vast continent, divided into four mighty rivers. The very same pole topped rock, located in the center of an inland sea. Of signatures corresponding to the large island to the north of Novaya Zemlya and Spitsbergen, it follows that “the Pygmies live here, their growth is about four feet (122 cm. – Ed.), And the inhabitants of Green lands krelingerami call them.” Continue reading “Mysterious dwarfs”

Dynamite and dog

dogIts a story but real a young resident of Minnesota Harry Jenkins (Harry Jenkins) and his two buddies went fishing. The lake, which friends have chosen for fishing, it was quite icy. Faster to punch hole in the ice, Jenkins decided to use dynamite.

When the cake was thrown dynamite in the right direction, the young men saw with horror as their dog ran toward the dynamite, taking him for a stick, who rushed to her.
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Mysterious miracle mountain Nemrud Doug

miracle mountainThe eighth wonder of the world something special, worthy of attention, but for some reason was not included in the famous Seven Wonders. “Eighth Wonder of the World” – we say. And if there is a separate category of “Eight Wonders of the World,” then, of course, a Turkish mountain Nimrud Dagh is one of the most mysterious “Eight Wonders of the World.”

The town of Samosata (Samsat) was the capital is not very large, but wealthy state Commagene, which, like Peter, or Palmyra, grew and grew rich because of what was on the trade route of the Roman Empire in Asia.
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Cats have discovered gene spot

Biologists have found that the occurrence of mottled coloring cat is a mutation in the gene spot. Work published in the journal Science, and its contents resulting Science Now.

Merge lines in stains found in different species of the cat family. In the wild, however, this happens very rarely. Because of this, for example, cheetahs, bearing such coloring, once even contributed to a separate view. Continue reading “Cats have discovered gene spot”

German scientists have found the oldest in the world of weapons

A team of German paleontologists from the University of Tübingen, said that the ingenuity of people is far more ancient roots than you might expect. Researchers found eight remarkably well-preserved examples of ancient copies, which are more than 300 000 years. In fact, the German scientists have found the oldest models of weapons, created by human hands. Continue reading “German scientists have found the oldest in the world of weapons”

China’s “bloody” river!

For unknown reasons, the water in the Yangtze River became blood red. Eerie sight first to see the inhabitants of the city of Chongqing. According to The Daily Mail, the local authorities have not been able to identify the causes of so many unusual phenomena.

And the townspeople not too scared and this phenomenon, many have begun to collect unusual water in the tank, as a souvenir. A fisherman and does continue to choose from a blood-red water catch. Apparently, the Chinese do not read the Bible, in which he wrote that before the apocalypse instead of water in the rivers will be flowing blood. Continue reading “China’s “bloody” river!”

Ancient Celts

The ancient Celts. Scottish scholar of folklore and ancient texts, Katherine Mary Briggs, who in his student years, specializing in English folklore and its existence in culture, in his book “The Fairies in English literature and cultural tradition,” states the following: the Celts, to keep them out of used special talismans and amulets, combining them with spells wearing. Further, the author in the twentieth chapter of the book says that the first such amulets to protect against elves, found in Anglo-Saxon culture. These amulets were called “veil”, which translated means “fairy”. One of these was the evil fairy lady Nimyue – the owner of the lake, which is exactly the image was repeated in an amulet depicting a small winged creature. Continue reading “Ancient Celts”

Amulets and Talismans Introduction

Amulets and talismany Nekotorye might think that the word “charm” and “mascot” – are synonymous. After all, both are designed to protect people from all sorts of life’s difficulties, troubles and tribulations. More, that protection with supernatural powers! Amulets and talismans – magical items that should bring happiness to its owner. However, they still have some specific features that distinguish one concept from another. To find out what is the difference between a talisman and amulet, please check the custodians of knowledge through such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. The word “mascot” is derived from the Arabic word “talasm” and transfer-magical talisman-image. Continue reading “Amulets and Talismans Introduction”