Dairy miracle

Witness’s milk miracle in 1995, millions of people around the world have become. It was filmed on thousands of professional and amateur cameras. It all started with the fact that September 21, 1995 at 2 o’clock in one of the Ganesha temple in New Delhi, the phone rang and a mysterious unknown male voice said,… Read more Dairy miracle

Mysterious dwarfs

One of the most the remarkable historical of certificates, -related to the traditions of the onetime dwarfish among the people the Chud, the It inhabits the once northward the European part of Russian and Ural regions, there and stories of about the people SYRTE that inhabited in the tundra before the arrival of of the… Read more Mysterious dwarfs

Dynamite and dog

Its a story but real a young resident of Minnesota Harry Jenkins (Harry Jenkins) and his two buddies went fishing. The lake, which friends have chosen for fishing, it was quite icy. Faster to punch hole in the ice, Jenkins decided to use dynamite. When the cake was thrown dynamite in the right direction, the… Read more Dynamite and dog

German scientists have found the oldest in the world of weapons

A team of German paleontologists from the University of Tübingen, said that the ingenuity of people is far more ancient roots than you might expect. Researchers found eight remarkably well-preserved examples of ancient copies, which are more than 300 000 years. In fact, the German scientists have found the oldest models of weapons, created by… Read more German scientists have found the oldest in the world of weapons

Ancient Celts

The ancient Celts. Scottish scholar of folklore and ancient texts, Katherine Mary Briggs, who in his student years, specializing in English folklore and its existence in culture, in his book “The Fairies in English literature and cultural tradition,” states the following: the Celts, to keep them out of used special talismans and amulets, combining them… Read more Ancient Celts