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Secrets of the human body and mind

Human body and soulWhere a person goose, striped me and how IQ has stomach? Do we have free will? Offer seven things you probably did not know about himself.

1. You clever belly
This may sound ridiculous, but our stomach more neurons than in some animals in the brain. Scientists sometimes even call it a second brain, more precisely, the third – after spinal. He really is able to think, just more primitive categories than its parent counterpart. All his thoughts are devoted to food, as it digest properly select vitamins and nutrients. Read the rest of this entry »

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The power of the human mind

human powerThe human mind are of interest in science, and sometimes surprising. Unexplained cases of disturbing scientific consciousness everywhere, beating out the usual logic of the study.

But, of course, the science gets to his feet and tries to explain every possible scientific and practical ways various miracles, and again tying the inexhaustible truth to the realm of reason, logic and criticism. All transcendental, ie beyond, seen everywhere in the world. One of the obvious and typical, in my opinion, the examples of the other world is the uncontrolled irrational mind.
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Mind control

Mind, controlA fantastic instrument for us, the spirit, he knows no limits, this is a powerful way that we all disposition, it can give us wings to fly if we learn to use and the protect, or we run headlong into the deepest chasms otherwise.
The world in which we live is a reflection of how our mind we described, this all our “souvenirs” know.
We are conditioned to believe that what is shown is true and real, the view is a privileged sense of our society.
We are subject to so many visual bombardments that we have even more time to question what we see, we take it at face value and react accordingly.
The vision of physical reality changes according to what our mind tells our eye to see, a beautiful fairy gave me a crystal ball there is little, and look a little, what do you see?
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The confidence of the faith in God from the mind

AllahAll are People with methodical mind there is no belief in God – they are likely to adhere to non-belief. However, even people with well-developed intuition can doubt the faith, if you begin to solve multifaceted problems, say Canadian sociologists. Subtleties of faith, explored employees of the University of British Columbia, Will Gervais and Ara Norenzaryan. They conducted two experiments with 650 students. First, volunteers have written test on analytical skills, then respond to questions about the attitude toward religion. The researchers then compared the extent of their religion and rationality. Read the rest of this entry »

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